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bb dakota bostwick update!!

one of our favorite things about a passing fashion season are the SALES!!! if it’s a solid, timeless item, why not purchase for next season??

this jacket from bb dakota was a major hit with us TWO winter seasons back and some readers were having a tough time finding the coat. Well, it’s still out there.. and we found it, in blue, on nasty gal on super sale from 128 to 89.60(random number). We still love it, and we think you will too. xo

no black today.

It’s amazing how we can fall into the habit of wearing black. It’s easy. It’s thoughtless. And it’s thinning, of course. All winter it tends to be the color I gravitate to… I guess it is just a simple reflection of the world in the winter; colorless, cold, and dark… ooooofffffff. I, personally, have had enough of the black days. I woke up this morning to a bright colorful sunrise over the (finally) iceless St.Lawrence seaway, not one tiny part of me feeling like black. So I put myself to the challenge, et voila.. c’est ce que j’ai trouve. Thank you, Spring, for your timeliness 😉

sweater: american eagle

tank: urban outfitters

jeans: streetwear society

boots: banana republic

[W]ell-apparell’d April on the heel
Of limping winter treads…
~William Shakespeare

i love l.a.

if there is one thing i could change about nyc, it would be the weather. move to l.a.? nah, too far, but bring l.a. here? check please.

after being introduced to gypsy while working at saks, i have been obsessed with the baggy, colorful, bohemian line ever since. just picked up this number on hautelook . it’s fair to say this has now been a staple for nights in, days out, and dog walks throughout my brooklyn hood.

if your desk isnt covered, you are probably not doing your job

Fashionmongers one-of -a-kind necklace composed of rock stone, glass beads, and rose gold plated spacers- $25. Contact us for purchasing detes.

the joys of being stuck behind a desk are plentiful. not really. but when i was making this necklace last night, i couldn’t help but think: ‘this will sure look sweet on my off-white, plastic covered, plywood desk!’

so there it is in all its glory, could only get better on you 😉

nuova love!

Maybe it’s the unspeakably cold weather up here in quebec city, or just all of the white blanketing the roofs and roads, or maybe it’s watching the icebreaker pass up and down the St. Lawrence outside of my kitchen window every morning… Whatever it is, something has got us in a knits frame of mind, and right now we are loving these connecticut-local, handmade, “environmentally-conscious cozy things inspired by friends and made with l-o-v-e” beauties by NuovaLuna on etsy. So cute, so cozy, so sold.

find all of these and more at


a sunday distraction…

sweater-eve gravel

jeggings-old navy


I managed to sneak out of the house on sunday, briefly, between baby feedings while my belle-mere stayed home with the kiddos. My intentions were to get a quick grocery-run done, and perhaps grab a latte and amazing croissant a la brulerie st roch on the corner of rue saint-joseph est and …something…., but as I was walking there I suddenly found myself out of the cold and inside this perfectly sized, sophisticated yet modest boutique by the name of NOVO, scoping out their winter sale: 50% off of EVERYTHING. The woman working was this dark haired, bohemian-chic, petite-framed francaise(from france). I could tell immediately by her thick french-french accent that she wasn’t from these parts. I ended up standing there in my fur-lined down jacket talking to her for a good 40 minutes about where we both were from, our thoughts on Quebec, being mothers, yadayada(I was actually sweating under all of my winter wear by the time I left). She was super sweet and extremely patient with my delicate french skills. She explained to me that everything they carry is quebecois designed and made, which I love. Support your local everything! And, Tawny and I both have a bit of a sweater fetish, so when I found myself walking out with this cozy-yet-sexy, kitten-grey knit by Eve Gravel at 50% off, I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. ANNDDD, I actually did myself a service by using my cafe time shopping: the buttery-sweet croissant calories, although they taste ohhhh so good, will do nothing for me getting my post-baby body back into its pre-baby jeans;)