Like tourists huffing and puffing to reach the peak we forget the view on the way up

Dress by Rachel Pally

Shoes by Beverly Friedman

Earrings available from Fashionmongers

Sunglasses by Valentino

Bonita Springs, Florida


plus que l’amour…

Let’s face it. There is just something about the French. The french fashion, french kiss, french press, french toast, french fries… all awesome. We american/english seem to have a sweet infatuation with them, sort of a love/hate thing… much more than a weekend fling, it’s that long-term on-again off-again romance that is so far from stable or logical but will never leave you be. So naturally, when one thinks of finding the most romantic place on earth, we are pretty sure that France is going to make it to the top-5 list. I mean, really, what place is more romantic than the south of France??

We stole these gorgeous photos from a friend who recently spent her honeymoon in this fabulously beautiful country. enjoy!

dress: Milly

bag: Michael Kors

hat: Flora Bella

location: St. Paul, France

dress: Karen Millen

headscarf: Oscar de la Renta

sunglasses: H&M

bag: Micheal Kors

shoes: Isaac Mizrahi

location: Antibes, France

dress: Suzanna Monaco

bag: Red Fish Designs

sunglasses: H&M

earrings: Forever 21

location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

romper: L Space

sunglasses: H&M

location: St. Saturnin, France

Il n’y a aucun remede pour l’amour mais pour aimer plus.


model: Leah Fiedorowicz

all photos taken by her husband: Jason Ward

bastille day, brooklyn style.


Bastille Day, France

Sunday marked Smith Street’s annual Bastille Day celebration where hundreds flock to the french “quadrant” of the borough of Brooklyn to play petanque and eat and drink in celebration of France’s independence, something that relates to hardly any of us 😉

Irregardless, it was a true “Sunday Funday!” and a blast, filled with interesting people and of course fashion…                         on her: sunglasses by Michael Kors, skort jumper by Top Shop, earrings by a Soho street merchant, ring from Mongo BK

on him: Frenchie by McFrencherstein

Night was a wonderful time in Brooklyn in the 1930’s. Air conditioning was unknown except in movie houses, and so was television. There was nothing to keep one in the house. Furthermore, few people owned automobiles, so there was nothing to carry one away. That left the streets and the stoops. The very fullness served as an inhibition to crime.

Issac Asimov

the art of covering up.

Wooohoo! Summer is here. Time to put away the wool and bring out the linen. When showing off some leg does us all a lil good since we have been hibernating under our tights for 5 months. But wait a minute…a lil leg.

There appears to be a misnomer that women should bare it all to get the attention of male suiters in the summatime. Ok, that’s fine. But there seems to be a contingent of women (and no, not necessarily young) that go balls to the walls and are way too scantily clad, regardless of their body type. I have seen women with bodies to die for whose shorts are just too short to be wearing with a crop top, i.e. above Ashley Greene. I mean, she’s gorgeous, but regardless, short+short=fail. We see women with large breasts, who are putting it all out there in a halter top, with a mini skirt ta boot. Young, pear shaped ladies, sporting body hugging dresses that fall just a wee bit too short.

The point is to stay cool, all while looking savvy. Sure, you can wear your “wife beaters” with a pair of cut off short shorts, but know the appropriate time: at the beach, by the pool, riding your bike, or gardening for the afternoon. I can not speak for everyone, but I don’t wanna see your inner most thigh region at 8:37 am. Where are you going? Work? Hustler Club? We aren’t quite sure, but thought maybe these images could help…

doing shorts and tanks-the RIGHT way

why this works:

we’re getting the laid-back summer-skin-show, without bearing it all.. a light cotton cardigan gives us a delicate curtain to peer through.

why this works:

the shorts are short, but just loose enough, falling at her hips and the cuff gives a cleaner look than a ripped edge.

the tank is perfect on her, loose and yet not frumpy at all. falling at the hip, it creeps up slightly at the belly area to show just enough skin when waving down a cab(or to that cute guy across the street;)

why this works:

as much as we are not fans of EVERYTHING Miley Cyrus does, we do love this look.

she has the beater/black bra down perfectly… by not exposing her chest or midriff, and pairing it with a very loose fitting pair of pale tan linen shorts, she tones down any of the potential ‘stripper’ connotations one might want to make on this look. It says easy-breezy-summer-sexy beautifully.

please note that all of the above are wearing FLAT shoes. never ever be caught in heels and jean shorts above the mid-thigh region, that is unless you do in-fact work at the hustler club.

wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.

And for the boys…

Recently, I have been diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain (thank the G-man that it wasn’t a blood clot my hypochondriac mind led me to believe it was). Basically this means I got me a bum leg that I can barely walk on. MRI’s and physical therapy aside, what the hell am I supposed to do on a day to day basis living in NYC and using my stems to walk everywhere?

Well, summertime is here and regular old flips flops for the commute were totally not cutting it. Did a lil’ research and found myself at the Walking Store. Shop Zealand (exclusively sold at the Walking Store) for both foot and leg pain issues. I mean they could be cuter, but this is a matter of life or death. I’d prefer to live while looking semi-cuteskis. 😉

industry is a better horse to ride than genius: long island city edition

Shirt - Nordstrom, Skirt- Zara, Linen Satchel- Callalilai (BK), Sandals- ASH (purchased at Lord & Taylor), Ring- Maleeka (BK)

Ok. So you work in a scary industrial area where your competition for “best dressed” is the rastafarian pot smoker you see on your daily trip to seven eleven to scoop your slurpee. But you still want to feel good and put on some clothing that will make your day a little less mechanized…and your new favorite ring.

Shop Maleeka on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn for all One of a Kind crafted pieces

Beat em. Don’t ever join em. 😉

like robinson crusoe, it’s primitive as can be.

Cole Haan's Shaw Slip on $138 (avaialble in different color ways)

I was going to write today about this god awful bedazzled purse I saw on a woman in the subway. But while I was trying to capture a pic, I was caught in the act mid snap-age. Well, some things aren’t meant to be, but as I sadly walked into work, I saw a co-worker wearing some awesome shoes.

“Um… love those! Where did you get them?” (nice way of saying ‘hello’ to someone first thing in the morn).

He responded, “Thanks. Cole Haan, but do I look like Thurston Howell III?”

I said “No. More like the Skipper.”

Either way, I think we’d all like our boys to be rocking these babies. Just not on a deserted island…with Ginger. 😉

the gods help them that help themselves…

Most people probably think that buying clothes from victorias secret either makes you a cheeseball or a tramp. Au contraire mon frere! Not only are the clothes made well, but they are totally affordable. I have been on a rampage ordering clothes from their site for the past month and I have a) not returned one piece and b) haven’t seen my bank account be completely depleted. Plus, I have worn everything I bought at least one time already.

The above halter top is one of my favorites. Why? Well, it comes in a few different color ways, and because there’s a little padding on the top for an extra somethin somethin…

As the Beatles said it best, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. 😉