no black today.

It’s amazing how we can fall into the habit of wearing black. It’s easy. It’s thoughtless. And it’s thinning, of course. All winter it tends to be the color I gravitate to… I guess it is just a simple reflection of the world in the winter; colorless, cold, and dark… ooooofffffff. I, personally, have had enough of the black days. I woke up this morning to a bright colorful sunrise over the (finally) iceless St.Lawrence seaway, not one tiny part of me feeling like black. So I put myself to the challenge, et voila.. c’est ce que j’ai trouve. Thank you, Spring, for your timeliness 😉

sweater: american eagle

tank: urban outfitters

jeans: streetwear society

boots: banana republic

[W]ell-apparell’d April on the heel
Of limping winter treads…
~William Shakespeare


pastels: not just for your babies.

I was just having this conversation with my brother’s girlfriend the other day, we were discussing the relationship between babies and pastel colors. Where does this connection of soft, muted, non-offensive shades of pinks, blues, yellows, greens, oranges and purples to these tiny little people come from? Interestingly enough, I can almost guarantee that your personal feelings on children will directly affect your liking to these colors… (perhaps you do indeed find them offensive;). And then, of course, there is the Easter holiday which is just around the corner. We paint the town pink and yellow and really any shade of pastel we can think of on this day of celebration of the resurrection of the all-holy Jesus Christ. We are told, his character always being that of a child’s; innocent and pure.

And then, there we are. We grew up. We wear black, and shades of dark brown, and ‘eggplant’, because they’re slimming… OR is it because it best represents our tainted and jaded perspectives? Or maybe because some french artists made it cool one day long ago, and we all, much like sheep, followed suit. I mean, seriously, babies are usually far from slim. Why don’t we dress them in these ‘slimming’ colors?? It’s almost like somewhere deep inside of us there still rests this youthful, care-free innocence, and we channel it through our children for as long as we can, before the french artists take a hold of their little souls too.

So we propose to you today to challenge this idea, and dig up from somewhere inside of you that pastel side of your soul. Jeffrey Campbell helps to make this easy for us with his line of spring babies, all in beautifully sweet shades of pastel pinks, purples, greens and beige.

Lita $159.95

99 Tie $114.95

and one of our favorites, for the design, color, and name…

Mary Roks $124.95

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