bb dakota bostwick update!!

one of our favorite things about a passing fashion season are the SALES!!! if it’s a solid, timeless item, why not purchase for next season??

this jacket from bb dakota was a major hit with us TWO winter seasons back and some readers were having a tough time finding the coat. Well, it’s still out there.. and we found it, in blue, on nasty gal on super sale from 128 to 89.60(random number). We still love it, and we think you will too. xo


i love l.a.

if there is one thing i could change about nyc, it would be the weather. move to l.a.? nah, too far, but bring l.a. here? check please.

after being introduced to gypsy while working at saks, i have been obsessed with the baggy, colorful, bohemian line ever since. just picked up this number on hautelook . it’s fair to say this has now been a staple for nights in, days out, and dog walks throughout my brooklyn hood.

nuova love!

Maybe it’s the unspeakably cold weather up here in quebec city, or just all of the white blanketing the roofs and roads, or maybe it’s watching the icebreaker pass up and down the St. Lawrence outside of my kitchen window every morning… Whatever it is, something has got us in a knits frame of mind, and right now we are loving these connecticut-local, handmade, “environmentally-conscious cozy things inspired by friends and made with l-o-v-e” beauties by NuovaLuna on etsy. So cute, so cozy, so sold.

find all of these and more at

changement de saisons

Have you ever woken up one morning and not recognized your life? Or perhaps just realized it had been months since you had done something, ANYTHING, for yourself? Or found that something that once defined you has no longer been? I think we all find ourselves at a loss (or just lost) from time to time. Life has ways of distracting us, redirecting us, shifting the focus. But the thing about being passionate about something is that no matter the distraction, or the length of time that we find ourselves off track, we can rest assured that we will find our way back. Sometimes it’s on our own accord, and sometimes it’s with the help of a friend, but it is never by chance. When you are passionate, it is that passion that drives you. Without it we won’t get very far.

We knew it had been a while since we had posted. This summer somehow flew by and our crazy lives got the best of us.. and now we are well into fall and feeling the changes in the air. We have definitely been feeling a bit more motivation these past few weeks. Maybe it’s the transition into quite possibly the best fashion season of all, or for me personally, perhaps the last surge of adrenaline I am getting as I await the arrival of my second child (eta: less than 2 weeks…). Whatever it is, we’ll take it.

These images were shared with us recently by our friends up north in Montreal at Agence KA; an agency representing exclusively Quebecois designers. This is part of the fall-winter 2011/2012 collection of Annie 50. We loved everything about this shoot; the amazing setting on an antique train, the model’s bright red lips and hair, the lighting choice of the photographer, and of course most importantly the color and classic lines of the clothing itself. This line showcases the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. It’s a sexy, soft, yet bold collection that we just had to share with you all.

Hope you enjoy.

available through Agence KA

check out their blog here

photos courtesy of Agence KA… merci pour l’inspiration;)

the naked truth is not better than the dressed lie.

Being the Northeastern gals we are, this is something we will never understand:

It’s freezing out. You have on snow boots for heaven sakes. Why do you want to expose your bare, pale, post-hibernated legs to the winter weather or, more importantly, to us? Something we may never comprehend…

A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth.

George Dennison Prentice

ode to jegging.

puff jacket- Michael Kors; Jegging- OldNavy; Boots- Uggs; Bootlet-Fashionmongers; Purse- Gift; Street- Smith (BK)

Sweater- Free People; Jegging- Forever 21; Boots- Mia; Bar- Court and Spark (BK)

o’ our jeggings
we wear you everyday
you tighten up our thighs and buns
and let us get on our way

you’re stretchy for comfort and ease
we tuck our boots in you
but what happens in the spring?
will you still be seeing us through?

of course we can continue to rock you
with a hot 3′ inch pump
making our legs appear long and skinny
the antithesis of a frump

so this 2009/2010 “trend”
is definitely one to keep
buy us at forever 21 and old navy
where we are nice and cheap 😉


Happy Trails Jegging-aroos!

bootlets a-go-go

Get your winter bootlet before boot weather is over!

glass and wooden bead bootlet on white and gold rope

washer, vintage key and wignut bootlet on stereo wire

black glass bead and washer bootlet on black and silver rope

These can be made on rope, clothesline (as seen on Flaxen), stereo wire, and black cable wire, with a variety of hardware, beads, and hand picked glass pieces.

Contact us for details!