Like tourists huffing and puffing to reach the peak we forget the view on the way up

Dress by Rachel Pally

Shoes by Beverly Friedman

Earrings available from Fashionmongers

Sunglasses by Valentino

Bonita Springs, Florida


changement de saisons

Have you ever woken up one morning and not recognized your life? Or perhaps just realized it had been months since you had done something, ANYTHING, for yourself? Or found that something that once defined you has no longer been? I think we all find ourselves at a loss (or just lost) from time to time. Life has ways of distracting us, redirecting us, shifting the focus. But the thing about being passionate about something is that no matter the distraction, or the length of time that we find ourselves off track, we can rest assured that we will find our way back. Sometimes it’s on our own accord, and sometimes it’s with the help of a friend, but it is never by chance. When you are passionate, it is that passion that drives you. Without it we won’t get very far.

We knew it had been a while since we had posted. This summer somehow flew by and our crazy lives got the best of us.. and now we are well into fall and feeling the changes in the air. We have definitely been feeling a bit more motivation these past few weeks. Maybe it’s the transition into quite possibly the best fashion season of all, or for me personally, perhaps the last surge of adrenaline I am getting as I await the arrival of my second child (eta: less than 2 weeks…). Whatever it is, we’ll take it.

These images were shared with us recently by our friends up north in Montreal at Agence KA; an agency representing exclusively Quebecois designers. This is part of the fall-winter 2011/2012 collection of Annie 50. We loved everything about this shoot; the amazing setting on an antique train, the model’s bright red lips and hair, the lighting choice of the photographer, and of course most importantly the color and classic lines of the clothing itself. This line showcases the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. It’s a sexy, soft, yet bold collection that we just had to share with you all.

Hope you enjoy.

available through Agence KA

check out their blog here

photos courtesy of Agence KA… merci pour l’inspiration;)

plus que l’amour…

Let’s face it. There is just something about the French. The french fashion, french kiss, french press, french toast, french fries… all awesome. We american/english seem to have a sweet infatuation with them, sort of a love/hate thing… much more than a weekend fling, it’s that long-term on-again off-again romance that is so far from stable or logical but will never leave you be. So naturally, when one thinks of finding the most romantic place on earth, we are pretty sure that France is going to make it to the top-5 list. I mean, really, what place is more romantic than the south of France??

We stole these gorgeous photos from a friend who recently spent her honeymoon in this fabulously beautiful country. enjoy!

dress: Milly

bag: Michael Kors

hat: Flora Bella

location: St. Paul, France

dress: Karen Millen

headscarf: Oscar de la Renta

sunglasses: H&M

bag: Micheal Kors

shoes: Isaac Mizrahi

location: Antibes, France

dress: Suzanna Monaco

bag: Red Fish Designs

sunglasses: H&M

earrings: Forever 21

location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

romper: L Space

sunglasses: H&M

location: St. Saturnin, France

Il n’y a aucun remede pour l’amour mais pour aimer plus.


model: Leah Fiedorowicz

all photos taken by her husband: Jason Ward

industry is a better horse to ride than genius: long island city edition

Shirt - Nordstrom, Skirt- Zara, Linen Satchel- Callalilai (BK), Sandals- ASH (purchased at Lord & Taylor), Ring- Maleeka (BK)

Ok. So you work in a scary industrial area where your competition for “best dressed” is the rastafarian pot smoker you see on your daily trip to seven eleven to scoop your slurpee. But you still want to feel good and put on some clothing that will make your day a little less mechanized…and your new favorite ring.

Shop Maleeka on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn for all One of a Kind crafted pieces

Beat em. Don’t ever join em. 😉

runway bride

I attended a bridal shower this past saturday for one of my close friends. She’s always adorable. So full of life, this skinny minney, tan and brunette greek goddess/warrior princess type is always beaming with a smile from ear to ear, and yet she’s never over done… she always finds the perfect balance between vixen and girl-next-door. I had no doubt she was going to look fabulous. So when she showed up in this gorgeous layered off-white strapless mini-dress, silver and gold glitter peep toe stilettos, and a delicate layered silver chain chest-length necklace, her hair down in soft waves(by yours truly of course), and very natural makeup, I smiled and told her how beautiful she looked.

A little while later while sitting amongst a bevvy of babes at our table, I remarked on her dress saying how great I thought it was. One of the girls leaned over to me and said, “Did you know that she rented it?” I was slightly surprised, I guess it had never occured to me. “No?!”, I said, “Where from?” Another girl said, ““. “That is brilliant,” I thought to myself.

Formal events sort of happen to us in waves. It either seems that the summer slips away from us because we are obligated to something every weekend from may through september. Or we have just one event. In both cases, we want to look good but spending money on a designer dress just doesn’t always make sense. To shell out beaucoup bucks on a one time occasion is silly, and yet who wants to wear the same dress to each of the 8+ weddings that they will be attending over the bridal season?

So whether it be for a prom, wedding, fundraising event, holiday work party, or your very own bridal shower, we suggest you check them out. You might find yourself pleasently surprised with your outfit and your bank account balance.

looking and dressing well is a necessity. having a purpose in life is not.

It’s not everyday that you walk into a bar and see the perfectly attired gentleman. It’s like a figment of your imagination. Pardon the grainy-iness. But enjoy it. Thoroughly.

Cause you just can’t plan greatness…

Penguin shirt and tie

Hottie watch we will be finding out more information about

Vans Tuxedo Kicks

Being dapper requires little skill, but all know how. You gots it bro. 😉

april showers bring may flowers…

okay, so we`re not really sure if the same applies for down under considering may is the start of their winter, but after our first week here in kingscliff, new south wales, I had no choice but to make this my mantra… something beautiful was going to come from all of this rain, right??

well, the one positive to a week of torrential downpours was that I had a little extra shopping time to find myself a 30th birthday frock. and the beauty of it all was that after the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen, the rain did indeed stop..just in time for the party:)

dress: something else by natalie wood

shoes: r2

sunglasses: von zipper

view: the mackay resort of kingscliff, NSW, oz

almost paradise.

Zara Linen Tank, Forever 21 Mini Skirt, Colin Stuart Strappy Sandals (, Valentino Sunglasses, Vintage Cross Body Purse, Fashionmongers Handmade Bird Bracelet, Vintage Wooden and Seashell Necklace

Add Madigan’s Striped Shirt, A Cocktail, and Your Mama…

…And Enjoy 😉

Sunset Cruise on Captiva Island, Florida’s West Coast