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In love with our hand-stamped vintage tags…


i love l.a.

if there is one thing i could change about nyc, it would be the weather. move to l.a.? nah, too far, but bring l.a. here? check please.

after being introduced to gypsy while working at saks, i have been obsessed with the baggy, colorful, bohemian line ever since. just picked up this number on hautelook . it’s fair to say this has now been a staple for nights in, days out, and dog walks throughout my brooklyn hood.

cause my stripes don’t lie ;)

Sometimes when you’re mid-pregnancy, it looks as if maybe you’re retaining water or gained a few extra pounds around the midsection. And that doesn’t feel very good. So what is one expecting mother’s answer to this conundrum? Horizontal stripes, of course.

I’m in Brooklyn for a few days, so I decided to play in Tawny’s closet this morning. I found this off the shoulder, long, striped sweater from Forever 21 that I thought might accentuate my baby bump in a cute way.

But remember, stripes do draw attention to our not so favorite body parts. Know when and where to use them. We wouldn’t want you getting the “how far along are you?” question just cause you ate 37 hot wings and consumed a keg o’ beer.

Let’s keep that under wraps πŸ˜‰

looking and dressing well is a necessity. having a purpose in life is not.

It’s not everyday that you walk into a bar and see the perfectly attired gentleman. It’s like a figment of your imagination. Pardon the grainy-iness. But enjoy it. Thoroughly.

Cause you just can’t plan greatness…

Penguin shirt and tie

Hottie watch we will be finding out more information about

Vans Tuxedo Kicks

Being dapper requires little skill, but all know how. You gots it bro. πŸ˜‰

Flaxen Tawny, On Hate.

To spend our sacred time ‘hating’ any one individual or entity seems to be fruitless and unproductive. If you really want to hate something, hate on these shoes. Purchased by a one time terrified, conservative (or trying to be), first year law firm associate, these slip-ons have no place on Earth.

This is the last known picture of them. And now, they have officially been laid to rest during a burial at sea that took place this very morning in NYC’s charming East River.It really happened. I swear. Purchase some scuba equipment and see for yourself;)

I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.
Booker T. Washington

where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

January 29th 2011

6:18 a.m.

I awake to my 16 month old kicking me in the side. She is sleeping in my bed because she is apparently teething… again… or she has finally outgrown her pack and play… or I am just a sucker when her dad isn’t around and she knows it. And at 1:30 in the morning she cried until I caved and brought her into bed with me. 6:18, eugh, I can sleep for another 12 minutes. I close my eyes.

6:58 a.m.

Open my eyes. Crap. I’m late. Of course. I jump in the shower, pack up the car, pass off the babe to my big sis and hit the road en route to new york. Half way down route 4 in Burlington, Connecticut, I realize I don’t even know where I’m going. Foreshadowing the day to come?? Yikes, I hope not.

5:12, 5:43, 6:07, 6:34, 6:59 all a.m.

Overtired yet anxious, I didn’t sleep a minute last night. I was so pumped that we finally all had our schedules in line and were able to shoot with Will who we met with way back in September. I got up and walked across the street to Le Petit cafe for a french vanilla coffee. Always aids in my start of my day. I glance at my phone. Jenn texting me she needs hairspray. Then calls to say she doesn’t know where she’s going. And I am the planner in this relationship? OooFF. That’s not saying much.

10:01 a.m.

I call for a car service. Jenn’s in traffic. Four heavy bags filled with makeup, wardrobe styling equipment, my jewelry making materials and of course my MacPro, I hop in the car and meet the lovely Saleh, my Egyptian cab driver convincing me to never leave NY because ‘people like you and me would be bored elsewhere.’ I’m glad he knows me so well;) After an hour together, our life stories told amongst friendly conversation, Saleh charged me 10 bucks less then the quoted price and said he would do the same in the future. Sweet. I guess not every man in NY sucks after all.

10:45 a.m.

Finally making it through the traffic that was apparently created by pothole repairing on the middle of a saturday morning(I guess there really isn’t ever a good time to do road work in new york), I pull off of the west side highway into… snow. Wow, I mean, it just completely slipped my mind the fact that they had just gotten another good dumping of this crap and that their snow removing faculties are not even remotely close to what I have become accustomed to in Quebec. It was a disaster. And I was driving in it. Which also meant I needed to find parking in it. Which was seemingly impossible because each spot that was unoccupied by a vehicle was indeed occupied by a large pile of snow. Sweeeeeetttt…. this ought to be a fabulous day. I call Dana to forewarn that I may be late, and she informs that she is now in traffic as well. Oh New York, how I’ve missed thee.

10:52 a.m.

I continue winding my way around the west village looking for parking as well as the actual location I am supposed to be going to. I have the address and the cross streets but am still not completely certain where this is. I take a left, and then a right.. I’m sure I am almost there. I turn right onto Charles Street to find myself behind a yellow cab who is behind a car who is behind a car who is not moving. The cab driver is standing outside of his car looking over at whatever is happening(or not happening). I am seriously losing all hope at this point. Knowing this city I could be sitting here for an easy 45 minutes. I look in my rear-view. I see nothing. So I do what any new york driver learns to do if they want to get anywhere in this city: I put it in reverse all the way back to 7th avenue… and I keep moving. I smiled and thought to myself, ‘I think this day might not end up so bad after all…’

I took my next right and headed back into the village to find my destination street two blocks ahead of me. As I passed the following street I found a parking place, who was indeed snowed-in, but welcoming enough to accommodate me. I took it. I checked for a firehydrant, a no parking sign, any warning of a possible towing situation, but the snow banks and garbage were piled so high that even if there were something beneath it all, even the city of new york would have no idea. So I unpacked my bags and began walking toward washington. I turned right, and began checking addresses. I was only a block away. I walked up to the studio’s doors and walked in at exactly 11:01 am. It’s truly amazing how luck can just pull a complete 180 when it feels like it.

11:08 a.m.

Shoot time was 11:00. I gave myself an hour from Brooklyn to get to Meatpacking which is close to downtown and normally a 15 minute cab ride away. 8 minutes late and I’m never late. I arrive at a very cool building which is clearly the studio and enter the doors like a whirling dervish, bags hooked on every elbow, shoulder, and wrist and see Jenn at the top of the staircase. Success!

Luck had indeed turned around for the two of us. And now, we have the pics to prove it. The concept: Light and Airy. Goddess-like garden party. Romantic Paris.


Thank you Will… we had an awesome day and are looking forward to the next shoot…



model: Aline Zanella

photos by Will Haddad

Hair, Makeup, and Styling by Flaxen Tawny

calling all actors…

It’s been a long time since I’ve auditioned for something, but I remember the feeling all too well. This sort of nervous excitement, and then the calm that washes over as you begin to speak. You are no longer you, you have morphed and somehow, hopefully, succeeded in becoming someone else. It’s quite a rush actually, and yet after the minute or so, it’s over. You leave and wait to hear, and most of the time you hear nothing at all.

There is so much that goes into this career, so much sacrifice and so much of it is actually pre-determined before you even get the chance to have an audition. I know we like to tell ourselves that it’s what lies within that counts(it’s true!!), but this old adage doesn’t really apply in the world of acting. Headshots are the first impression, and we all know how much impact a first impression has. These photographs are so imperative to an actor’s career, it only makes sense that all steps be taken in order to achieve the dream that lies just in reach… (these steps being hair and makeup… obviously;).

In this coming audition season, leave the first impression they are looking for, before even walking into the room.

Contact us for a consultation.


“I like doing films and I wish that I could do more but I still have to audition. I don’t get offered starring roles in movies even though I’ve written and starred in a movie.”

-Tim Meadows

Actor: Adrienne Marra Brown

hair and makeup by Jennifer Marcuson

photography by TAB Photographic

america in ruins…

At most of you well know, we love finding and sharing beautiful things with as many people as possible. Beauty, as one greek someone once famously said, is in the eye of the beholder… in other words, not everything one finds beautiful will be found as equally beautiful by their neighbor.

I(Flaxen) had the privilege of working with a soft spoken, fair skinned, strawberry blond, parisian photographer in his early-ish twenties named Yves Marchand a few years back in an old, run down theatre on 46th street in Brooklyn, NY. He was on an American tour of ruined buildings, photographing high fashion models in no longer running and decrepit theatres, factories, and whatever else he could find a permit to enter.

I was referred the gig by a great friend and makeup artist in New York, Gina Daddona, and was thrilled to take it. I found the whole dichotomy to be really intriguing and simply brilliant, and was in need of some serious creative inspiration at the time. The ‘Loew’s 46th street Theatre’ was incredible. It was massive, originally a theatre that was later turned into a movie theatre, that was now serving as a storage room for a Hasidic furniture store. The floors were covered in old movie tickets, as if on the final day of projection the theatre decided to implode with all of the tickets they had left to print.

I remember it being cold, it was January I believe when we shot. And there really wasn’t much electricity in the place, making hair and makeup a bit of a challenge. But we had a blast, regardless, and I have since then continued to check in once in a while to see some more of Yves’ work when I think of it.

He recently reconnected with me on facebook, and I noticed this article that someone had posted on his page: Detroit in ruins. Yves and his photographer friend Romain Meffre have been working side by side since 2005 shooting images like this all over the country, but found the most devastating ruins there in Detroit and have since published a book about it: The Ruins of Detroit. The photos are jaw dropping, and rather sad, yet in some peculiar way overwhelmingly intriguing and of course, beautiful.

The duo describes photographing ruins as this:

Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies
and their changes, small pieces of history in suspension.

The state of ruin is essentially a temporary situation that happens at
some point, the volatile result of change of era and the fall of empires.
This fragility, the time elapsed but even so running fast, lead us to watch them one very last time :
being dismayed, or admire, making us wondering about the permanence of things.

Photography appeared to us as a modest way
to keep a little bit of this ephemeral state.”

Visit Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre’s site to view more of their Theatre ruins as well as Detroit in Ruins:


And to view more of Yves fashion photography, visit:


photography by Yves Marchand

Wardrobe design and Styling by Carasan

Hair and Makeup by Jennifer Marcuson

Model: Ashley Shaw at RED NYC

here’s to a beautiful year.

After spending a week with the most recently famous stomach bug that many of us have had the good chance of meeting, I am finally in some sorts to even get onto my computer. In doing so, I realized that between my being adhered to my bed/toilet/couch and Tawny’s being tossed amidst NYC’s treacherous weather conditions this past week all while trying to get her fabulous new years eve shindig in order, we seemingly overlooked wishing you all a happy new year.

So, in honoring the closure of a year that brought us much happiness along with a few handfuls of tears, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite(and least favorite) FT moments from 2010…

stay at home style.

summer's hair.

forever young.

jump for my love

carrying your beauty


mar y sol 2010

sweatpants are no solution.

she's a small wonder.

a little bit of paradise.

fashion deities..

for the love of the surf.

when life hands tawny lemons, she twists them into a martini.

addicted to love.

FT: at your service.

we are our best advocates.

a story for your love.

a bride's metamorphosis

Brides Connecticut

"the innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time."

bed:stu, not bed stuy... well sorta.


your style is not lost.

what is a real size 8?

because it's a day you'll never forget.

really cool(yet disturbing) sh*t.

making dreams come true.

a manic makeup monday

a fairy tale; FT style.

this is what sides of buildings in brooklyn look like.

the art of manscaping...

your life's a piece of clae, don't let anyone else mold it for you.

there's something about mary.

we're all inspired by another.

we're primary numbers, divisible only by ourselves.

without our friends, where would we be??

the love of a dog...

hard work indeed pays off...


winter in quebec.

really cool sh*t.

So here’s to our pasts for they’ve gotten us here today, and here’s to this next year- hoping it brings only the most beautiful life you can imagine.

love always,

flaxen tawny

“on aime pas celui q’on trouve beau, on trouve beau celui q’on aime.”

and remember, it’s all happening.