chalk it up to a new start.

Flaxen Tawny pop-up shop in Connecticut November 24th, 2012. Invites to follow…


Like tourists huffing and puffing to reach the peak we forget the view on the way up

Dress by Rachel Pally

Shoes by Beverly Friedman

Earrings available from Fashionmongers

Sunglasses by Valentino

Bonita Springs, Florida

if your desk isnt covered, you are probably not doing your job

Fashionmongers one-of -a-kind necklace composed of rock stone, glass beads, and rose gold plated spacers- $25. Contact us for purchasing detes.

the joys of being stuck behind a desk are plentiful. not really. but when i was making this necklace last night, i couldn’t help but think: ‘this will sure look sweet on my off-white, plastic covered, plywood desk!’

so there it is in all its glory, could only get better on you 😉

nuova love!

Maybe it’s the unspeakably cold weather up here in quebec city, or just all of the white blanketing the roofs and roads, or maybe it’s watching the icebreaker pass up and down the St. Lawrence outside of my kitchen window every morning… Whatever it is, something has got us in a knits frame of mind, and right now we are loving these connecticut-local, handmade, “environmentally-conscious cozy things inspired by friends and made with l-o-v-e” beauties by NuovaLuna on etsy. So cute, so cozy, so sold.

find all of these and more at

plus que l’amour…

Let’s face it. There is just something about the French. The french fashion, french kiss, french press, french toast, french fries… all awesome. We american/english seem to have a sweet infatuation with them, sort of a love/hate thing… much more than a weekend fling, it’s that long-term on-again off-again romance that is so far from stable or logical but will never leave you be. So naturally, when one thinks of finding the most romantic place on earth, we are pretty sure that France is going to make it to the top-5 list. I mean, really, what place is more romantic than the south of France??

We stole these gorgeous photos from a friend who recently spent her honeymoon in this fabulously beautiful country. enjoy!

dress: Milly

bag: Michael Kors

hat: Flora Bella

location: St. Paul, France

dress: Karen Millen

headscarf: Oscar de la Renta

sunglasses: H&M

bag: Micheal Kors

shoes: Isaac Mizrahi

location: Antibes, France

dress: Suzanna Monaco

bag: Red Fish Designs

sunglasses: H&M

earrings: Forever 21

location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

romper: L Space

sunglasses: H&M

location: St. Saturnin, France

Il n’y a aucun remede pour l’amour mais pour aimer plus.


model: Leah Fiedorowicz

all photos taken by her husband: Jason Ward

bastille day, brooklyn style.


Bastille Day, France

Sunday marked Smith Street’s annual Bastille Day celebration where hundreds flock to the french “quadrant” of the borough of Brooklyn to play petanque and eat and drink in celebration of France’s independence, something that relates to hardly any of us 😉

Irregardless, it was a true “Sunday Funday!” and a blast, filled with interesting people and of course fashion…                         on her: sunglasses by Michael Kors, skort jumper by Top Shop, earrings by a Soho street merchant, ring from Mongo BK

on him: Frenchie by McFrencherstein

Night was a wonderful time in Brooklyn in the 1930’s. Air conditioning was unknown except in movie houses, and so was television. There was nothing to keep one in the house. Furthermore, few people owned automobiles, so there was nothing to carry one away. That left the streets and the stoops. The very fullness served as an inhibition to crime.

Issac Asimov

light as a feather

We are loving this gorgeous, ivory, 60+ count-feather flower hairpiece custom hand-crafted by Oscen Designs. Elegant yet gentle, and weighing no more than a ball-point pen, it is the perfect addition to any bride who wants nothing more than to feel completely free on her big day. Ball and chain, what?? Try light as a feather;)

beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

When I grew up, all the women around me swore by their evil eyes. I was given three in my lifetime, and have been wearing them (or hiding them under my pillow) for over 25 years. There are many cultures (primarily in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions) that have been using the evil eye as a way of guarding themselves from those who harbor ill-feelings towards us, including envy and malice.

Lately, I have been feeling some negative, maybe even ornery, energy. I wear my evil eye whenever I rock the above gold chain (a chain passed down from my beloved grandfather that flaxen rocked once). But, I felt that I needed more and to make a statement, without saying a word.

And that’s what jewelry, fashion, and etsy is for. To be unique and at the same time silently say “don’t f*ck with me”, is what we consider priceless. Eff American Express 😉

No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases, it strikes the eye.


runway bride

I attended a bridal shower this past saturday for one of my close friends. She’s always adorable. So full of life, this skinny minney, tan and brunette greek goddess/warrior princess type is always beaming with a smile from ear to ear, and yet she’s never over done… she always finds the perfect balance between vixen and girl-next-door. I had no doubt she was going to look fabulous. So when she showed up in this gorgeous layered off-white strapless mini-dress, silver and gold glitter peep toe stilettos, and a delicate layered silver chain chest-length necklace, her hair down in soft waves(by yours truly of course), and very natural makeup, I smiled and told her how beautiful she looked.

A little while later while sitting amongst a bevvy of babes at our table, I remarked on her dress saying how great I thought it was. One of the girls leaned over to me and said, “Did you know that she rented it?” I was slightly surprised, I guess it had never occured to me. “No?!”, I said, “Where from?” Another girl said, ““. “That is brilliant,” I thought to myself.

Formal events sort of happen to us in waves. It either seems that the summer slips away from us because we are obligated to something every weekend from may through september. Or we have just one event. In both cases, we want to look good but spending money on a designer dress just doesn’t always make sense. To shell out beaucoup bucks on a one time occasion is silly, and yet who wants to wear the same dress to each of the 8+ weddings that they will be attending over the bridal season?

So whether it be for a prom, wedding, fundraising event, holiday work party, or your very own bridal shower, we suggest you check them out. You might find yourself pleasently surprised with your outfit and your bank account balance.