who is flaxen tawny?

Flaxen Tawny is more than a styling and design agency. It is more than a store. It is more than a blog. It is a lifestyle. Our goal is to meld the fashion and beauty world with a world of confident, driven, and self-respecting women(and men).

Flaxen Tawny was born in 2010 when two women and friends had undergone major life changes and decided to pursue something that they were passionate about, that gave them creative liberty, and that also involved sharing that passion with others.

You deserve to be happy.

We believe that true beauty and change begins on the inside, but finishes on the outside. We want to create a community where women and men of all ages can go to find strength, courage, confidence, and encouragement through fashion, hair and makeup artistry.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We thrive off of thrift! We totally, completely believe in consignment, thrift, and vintage shopping. It is like treasure hunting to us, finding the needle in the haystack. We love the stories old things tell;

A vintage jacket with an old movie stub still in the pocket

An old t-shirt from your elementary school choir that you
cut to fit with your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans

The heavy knit cardigan that once belonged to a dear friend
and everytime you wrap yourself in it, you are reminded of
her and her beautifully warm heart.

We are story tellers. We tell stories through our images, through our blog, and through our boutique where we share uniquely hand chosen or personally designed pieces of jewelry, clothing and accessories. Our boutique is also a place where we choose unique pieces from independant artists and designers to showcase and sell.

We are romantics(and sarcastic synists at times). We are big dreamers and we want to cultivate a world which supports and realizes those dreams, as well as the dreams of so many others who feel the same way we do.


3 thoughts on “who is flaxen tawny?

  1. Dana, Good luck to you and Jenn. Your website looks great.
    We’re FISHING in PA at the moment. We hope to visit
    your parents sometime in August.

    Joan & Art

  2. Finally got around to finding out exactly what the he– Flaxen Tawny is! Fabulous! I’m a new fan… Congratulations on the venture ❤


    LOVE your site… will pass it along to all my friends!

    Miss you and hope to see you soon!


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