princess diaries…

“In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that’s what I was. Like most little girls, I believed nothing less than a Prince could make my dreams come true.”

-loretta young

while we’re not so sure about the prince scenario, the clothes would be nice 😉

photo courtesy ofnasty gal


because all artists are inspired by another…

There are many, many designers whom we love. But recently, particularly because of his 60’s inspired Fall/Winter 2010-2011 line who is classically mixed full of lingerie and masculine lines, fur and feathers, nudes, neutrals, blacks and grays.. with lots of legs and a hot splash of red here and there, we can’t help falling in love with Giambattista Valli.

With incredibly simple hair and makeup, these classic yet fun looks are a perfect inspiration for the dozens of holiday parties just around the corner. Obviously most of us aren’t 6’1″, 110 pound runway models, and probably don’t have the wallets to be shelling out thousands for these show-stopping, head-turning pieces, but that’s where Flaxen Tawny comes in…

I had a little fun with some fake eyelashes and a camera to create my own personalized interpretation of this artist’s masterpieces, all coming directly out of my already existing wardrobe(keep note when making comparisons- I am only a mere 5’3″, and not exactly 110 lbs…).

“it’s all about effortless elegance”

-giambattista valli

for this look:

base: start with a moisturizer and primer of choice.

next, with fingers, apply MAC cream foundation (pictured is NW20) until evenly blended. With a large powder brush, apply Revlon’s colorstay mineral finishing powder in 010(brighten). Apply blush to the upper cheekbone areas(pictured is MAC dollymix sheertone shimmer blush).

Outline the eye-liner with a med-brown pencil, making sure it is even on both sides, and lightly fill in.

Using the same liner, slightly fill and shape brows, blending as needed.

Next apply artificial lashes to dry lids,(use a tissue to blot oil off of lids), starting from inside corners and moving outward. (Pictured above are black MAC lashes applied with DUO surgical adhesive). Let dry for 60 seconds. *when choosing a lash, unless an extremely dramatic look is desired, try to stick to a more natural looking lash(not too long or thick).

Continue with a neutral shadow base, and light pink highlight for under the brow area.

Next, using a slightly wet, angled liner brush, fill in the liner outline and around the lashes with a black shadow.

Lastly apply a black mascara of your choice to help blend the natural lash with the false, and a neutral/pink shimmery gloss to the lips.

Hey, I’m a girl, and we like to play dress-up.

-charlize theron

above: top-banana republic, skirt-forever 21

above: top-forever 21, skirt-H&M, shoes-vintage


above: dress(skirt)-banana republic, belt-anne klein vintage, jacket-vintage


all makeup, styling and photos by Flaxen Tawny

something old, rather than something new

I was brought up around a lot of older Italian women who loved their large costume jewelry. My sister and I did too. And we were fortunate enough to inherit it. It was our very own sentimental gold mine!

In our pre-teens, we used the jewelry for dress up, but as we got older, we began to integrate these pieces into our wardrobe. To this day, we still wear them.

This early inspiration led us to a life long search to find vintage jewelry in places from yard sales (tag sales for non-New Yorkers) to flea markets. For 2010 we have seen vintage inspired jewelry at all of the trade shows, that is not nearly as fun or story telling as the real thing.

So dare to be different (and thrifty), and instead of buying the higher priced imitation that you’re sure to see on every 7th girl in Brooklyn, look at your mother’s and grandmother’s old jewelry. Find the pieces that move you. You will be surprised at how much life it will bring to you and your personal style.

(The below choker is from the 1970’s and part of my own collection)
fashion mongers necklace