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  3. hi tawny, love your slouchy that u posted on 23nov 2010.
    i would really appreciate if you could mail the pattern to me. i’d love to make it for my daughter as she will be visiting Korea soon.
    looking forward for your reply.
    much thanks

  4. Jen, This is such a cool, fun and informative blog site! Your picture is adorable. I have to say that you will always be one of the most styling stylist I ever went to!!!! The Gallery isn’t the same without you.

    Brenda Jewell-Berlin CT

  5. Oh Jen: You are so sweet! Do you like Canada, I have always thought it would be fun to live there. Would you be willing to test out a new product that I am representing? It is just starting to be well known, and I think Canada has a good grass roots start. We help people act on their promptings, never wait to say Hi or I LOVE YOU! This company allows you to personalize a paper greeting card and they stuff, put postage on it and mail it for you! No hidden charges. Approx. cost per personalized card is .98 + postage. You have your own account online and can use it 24/7. If you go through my link you can send a free card and test it out!!!! If you love it, you could sign up as a customer on a 9.80 monthly subscription or a PAY As You Go customer. I need a sales rep. in Canada for my team, but I would want you to try it first. As an artist I thought the fact that you can personalize with any jpg or picture would be fun for you.
    I will wait your reply,

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