a sunday distraction…

sweater-eve gravel

jeggings-old navy


I managed to sneak out of the house on sunday, briefly, between baby feedings while my belle-mere stayed home with the kiddos. My intentions were to get a quick grocery-run done, and perhaps grab a latte and amazing croissant a la brulerie st roch on the corner of rue saint-joseph est and …something…., but as I was walking there I suddenly found myself out of the cold and inside this perfectly sized, sophisticated yet modest boutique by the name of NOVO, scoping out their winter sale: 50% off of EVERYTHING. The woman working was this dark haired, bohemian-chic, petite-framed francaise(from france). I could tell immediately by her thick french-french accent that she wasn’t from these parts. I ended up standing there in my fur-lined down jacket talking to her for a good 40 minutes about where we both were from, our thoughts on Quebec, being mothers, yadayada(I was actually sweating under all of my winter wear by the time I left). She was super sweet and extremely patient with my delicate french skills. She explained to me that everything they carry is quebecois designed and made, which I love. Support your local everything! And, Tawny and I both have a bit of a sweater fetish, so when I found myself walking out with this cozy-yet-sexy, kitten-grey knit by Eve Gravel at 50% off, I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. ANNDDD, I actually did myself a service by using my cafe time shopping: the buttery-sweet croissant calories, although they taste ohhhh so good, will do nothing for me getting my post-baby body back into its pre-baby jeans;)


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