no black today.

It’s amazing how we can fall into the habit of wearing black. It’s easy. It’s thoughtless. And it’s thinning, of course. All winter it tends to be the color I gravitate to… I guess it is just a simple reflection of the world in the winter; colorless, cold, and dark… ooooofffffff. I, personally, have had enough of the black days. I woke up this morning to a bright colorful sunrise over the (finally) iceless St.Lawrence seaway, not one tiny part of me feeling like black. So I put myself to the challenge, et voila.. c’est ce que j’ai trouve. Thank you, Spring, for your timeliness πŸ˜‰

sweater: american eagle

tank: urban outfitters

jeans: streetwear society

boots: banana republic

[W]ell-apparell’d April on the heel
Of limping winter treads…
~William Shakespeare


the arctic frost with flaxen…

stuck indoors on a 7 degree evening in brooklyn with my cousin and my tawny and my sleeping baby, I get a little nutty with some scissors, liquid eyeliner, peroxide… and the pentax of course.

brows and makeup – flaxen tawny

hair color and cuts – jennifer marcuson

photos – jennifer marcuson

hotties – soren marra and dana pastore

Color of the Day-Amberlight

The meaning behind today’s color of the day couldn’t fit Flaxen or Tawny any better. I am actually “lol’ing”!

Amberlight is such a natural and simple color that we all probably see at least once a day. But things aren’t always at they seem, are they? At first glance it may appear modest, but this color lends itself to an inherent creativity that leads to dramatic results. Be careful though–this shade also asks you to be sensitive of it and wear it and praise it daily. We can totally relate.

Being faithful fans of MAC’s cream eyeshadow “paint pots”, amberlight’s luminescence lies in the frosty shimmer “Indianwood” pot. Ladies, this eyeshadow stays all day and you only need to use the tip of your pinky finger (per eye) for a complete look.

And to all of you Flaxen tawny fans of the male persuasion, take note: we are into this amberlight faced Philipe Stark watch. For $175 you can walk with a confident stagger and attract onlookers. Don’t worry though, FT knows how to keep a secret. We won’t tell them how tender hearted you really are πŸ˜‰

color of the day- Golden Apricot

As summer approaches, the spread at your local farmers’ market does as well.. Apricots are one of our first signs of summer here in the states, along with longer days, smells of fresh-cut grass, the song of the ice cream truck circling your block. The color of the day is a true visual embodiment of the start of this season.. it provokes the influential, methodical, and lively being within you. So as summer begins to seep in through every pore, embrace it, and allow all of the sweetness of our favorite season to become you.

What better way to tie this color into your summer life than by wearing as a bronzer?? We love Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid. It is a light, luminescent, liquid bronzer that works with all skin tones.

color of the day – GREEN GLOW

The color of the day is a beautiful summery green that represents the hardworking, enterprising and tenacious. Flaxen Tawny feels a very personal connection to this color πŸ˜‰

So to help bring out the most driven you, ladies, try incorporating this color into your eye-shadow palette by using Yves-St-Laurent’s garden of eden. For the men, well, per usual we had a harder time finding something in the right color for you.. but we did find a variation of it by american apparel. This is one of our favorite print t-shirts, with a very strong political message worth reading about. This tee is perfect alone, or as an accent under a jacket, sweater or even another long-sleeved t-shirt. Choose a contrasting color, preferably in a much deeper, more earthy tone.