i love l.a.

if there is one thing i could change about nyc, it would be the weather. move to l.a.? nah, too far, but bring l.a. here? check please.

after being introduced to gypsy while working at saks, i have been obsessed with the baggy, colorful, bohemian line ever since. just picked up this number on hautelook . it’s fair to say this has now been a staple for nights in, days out, and dog walks throughout my brooklyn hood.


a sunday distraction…

sweater-eve gravel

jeggings-old navy


I managed to sneak out of the house on sunday, briefly, between baby feedings while my belle-mere stayed home with the kiddos. My intentions were to get a quick grocery-run done, and perhaps grab a latte and amazing croissant a la brulerie st roch on the corner of rue saint-joseph est and …something…., but as I was walking there I suddenly found myself out of the cold and inside this perfectly sized, sophisticated yet modest boutique by the name of NOVO, scoping out their winter sale: 50% off of EVERYTHING. The woman working was this dark haired, bohemian-chic, petite-framed francaise(from france). I could tell immediately by her thick french-french accent that she wasn’t from these parts. I ended up standing there in my fur-lined down jacket talking to her for a good 40 minutes about where we both were from, our thoughts on Quebec, being mothers, yadayada(I was actually sweating under all of my winter wear by the time I left). She was super sweet and extremely patient with my delicate french skills. She explained to me that everything they carry is quebecois designed and made, which I love. Support your local everything! And, Tawny and I both have a bit of a sweater fetish, so when I found myself walking out with this cozy-yet-sexy, kitten-grey knit by Eve Gravel at 50% off, I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. ANNDDD, I actually did myself a service by using my cafe time shopping: the buttery-sweet croissant calories, although they taste ohhhh so good, will do nothing for me getting my post-baby body back into its pre-baby jeans;)

cause my stripes don’t lie ;)

Sometimes when you’re mid-pregnancy, it looks as if maybe you’re retaining water or gained a few extra pounds around the midsection. And that doesn’t feel very good. So what is one expecting mother’s answer to this conundrum? Horizontal stripes, of course.

I’m in Brooklyn for a few days, so I decided to play in Tawny’s closet this morning. I found this off the shoulder, long, striped sweater from Forever 21 that I thought might accentuate my baby bump in a cute way.

But remember, stripes do draw attention to our not so favorite body parts. Know when and where to use them. We wouldn’t want you getting the “how far along are you?” question just cause you ate 37 hot wings and consumed a keg o’ beer.

Let’s keep that under wraps 😉

ode to jegging.

puff jacket- Michael Kors; Jegging- OldNavy; Boots- Uggs; Bootlet-Fashionmongers; Purse- Gift; Street- Smith (BK)

Sweater- Free People; Jegging- Forever 21; Boots- Mia; Bar- Court and Spark (BK)

o’ our jeggings
we wear you everyday
you tighten up our thighs and buns
and let us get on our way

you’re stretchy for comfort and ease
we tuck our boots in you
but what happens in the spring?
will you still be seeing us through?

of course we can continue to rock you
with a hot 3′ inch pump
making our legs appear long and skinny
the antithesis of a frump

so this 2009/2010 “trend”
is definitely one to keep
buy us at forever 21 and old navy
where we are nice and cheap 😉


Happy Trails Jegging-aroos!

pickin’ the cream of the crop

VPL crop sweater at La Garconne.com

For the past few years, women have been inundated at every retailer with the long shirt. At first, this was awesome. No need for pulling down our shirts to avoid the unsightly thong peekage; even better, a nice cover for when those unwanted 10 pounds gained over the holidays crept up on us. But Spring…it is a’comin!

We are loving the crop-top comeback hardcore. From Forever 21 to any thrift store, there is a resurgence of the 80’s once again. So tan and tone that midriff and get ready to bare it all…OR wear a high waisted skirt or pant for more coverage…cause we heart that too;)

attention new yorkers: nicholas k sample sale!!!

It’s that time of year…when sample sales flood the lofty, unrented spaces from Soho to Hells Kitchen. Flaxen requested that I attend one Nicholas K sale on Wooster St. in Soho. So very glad I did. I was the only person in the place and was given carte blanche to go through all the boxes full of samples that were untouched. Very cool and funky style; baggy yet tapered; military yet girly. What’s even better is that there is men’s clothing as well that is equally hot.

I managed to pick up two samples…pics to come later on this eve so keep posted. I also asked if they would be replenishing through the sales end on Saturday and they said there was a lot more stock in the back. So no worries if your hectic work schedule has you trapped like a cubicle keeper–you’ll be all good if you can’t show till Saturday;)

Preview their Fall 2010 line here to see if Nicholas K is for you…

we’re primary numbers, divisible only by ourselves.

We think it is fair to say that here at our blog and continued in our services, our real mission statement goes something like this:

‘…to know yourself, is to love yourself… ‘

May be easier said than done, yes. However, if you examine yourself day by day with this philosophy tucked away in the back pocket of your subconscious, you can make leaps and bounds, while always staying true to yourself.

Perhaps an example would make this doctrine a tad more coherent.

Tawny is a lover of all things knit. Jackets, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, gloves, blankets, purses…you get the idea. While working in high fashion, she was openly poked fun at by co-workers in regards to her style:

(Picture 5 skinny women surrounding the water cooler with diet cokes in hand)

“What a great sweater. We all know how you love your knits, don’t we? Ha Ha Ha!”


Rubbish Knit Sweater in Hadleigh Black $48.00 at Nordstrom

Tawny laughs in spite of herself, goes back to her cubicle and feels a little sad and defeated. Her style has never been one of clean silhouettes, monochromatic color schemes, stiletto pumps, flat ironed hair, or anything like anyone else was ever wearing, really. She beats to the sound of her own Tawny drum.

But, upon being jeered at, she questions herself: ‘Maybe I do wear too many of the same sort of clothes. Are my knit cardigans shunning people away from me? Do I look like a pauper from Staten Island in these things? Am I trying to cover up something? Or am I just a lil’ homebody that likes to stay cozy and comfy all the time?’

DING!DING!DING! We have a winner!

Point is, be and wear what is true to you. No, we’re not suggesting that you break out your old Skidz and Z.Cavaricci’s or those big platform hooker boots you wore in 1994 or those tapered jeans that make your toosh look big and ankles look like, well cankles. But when you have your own personal style that you are indeed comfortable with, don’t question it if it’s not questioning you!

So now, when Tawny shops with Flax, her sis, and in her fondest memories, her buddy Mary, she walks over to a four stand, grabs that striped cardigan in a cotton knit blend and declares, “Ooooo LOVE!” and her giggling co-horts retort, “Of course you do Tawny. We all know how you love your knits!”

Take this to the bank, he who laughs last laughs best. Making light of ourselves is sometimes just the best medicine.

fall for him…

…in one of these, and stay warm all winter long;)

Hot Air precision approach jacket $108

abercrombie and fitch collared mens sweater $36

abercrombie and fitch mclenathan bay $170

james perse easy funnel neck $375

james perse truffle patch pocket cardigan $395

to find these sweaters and more try:


Abercrombie and Fitch


James Perse