no black today.

It’s amazing how we can fall into the habit of wearing black. It’s easy. It’s thoughtless. And it’s thinning, of course. All winter it tends to be the color I gravitate to… I guess it is just a simple reflection of the world in the winter; colorless, cold, and dark… ooooofffffff. I, personally, have had enough of the black days. I woke up this morning to a bright colorful sunrise over the (finally) iceless St.Lawrence seaway, not one tiny part of me feeling like black. So I put myself to the challenge, et voila.. c’est ce que j’ai trouve. Thank you, Spring, for your timeliness ๐Ÿ˜‰

sweater: american eagle

tank: urban outfitters

jeans: streetwear society

boots: banana republic

[W]ell-apparell’d April on the heel
Of limping winter treads…
~William Shakespeare


the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Tawny’s Trouble

Tawny walks into Urban Outfitters on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Her intentions are to “window shop” or perhaps buy some new duds for her new gig. ‘Everything here is ripe for summer’, she thinks to herself and then proceeds to bring 57 different summertime garbs into the dressing room with her. ‘Ok’ she says to herself, ‘I can justify like four of these crop tops, but the bustier is not a necessity’. Hemming and hawing, she notices the zipper on the bustier is busted and it was the only size small on display. She smiles and she realizes that now she can’t buy it even if she wanted to.

Armed with three shirts chosen for work/play, she proceeds to the counter. She also has in hand the bustier with the broken zipper, since she’s such a Good Samaritan, she’d hate for someone to buy it without realizing its condition.

‘This bustier is broken. I just wanted to alert you guys.’

‘Oh it is? Wow. This shirt came into the store three days ago and has sold so well. I think there is only one small in the back room.’

‘Can you please grab it for me? I would like to purchase it.’

‘Sure thing!’

Long story short, even though there is a chance that the salesperson might be fibbing, if you see something you love and it is within reasonable pricing standards, buy it before you can’t…cause then you will just be mad at yourself when you’re sitting at the summer BBQ in your friends backyard, thinking how much cuter you would look had you purchased it;)

it’s ok for a woman to ‘do it’

There’s always that “double standard” between men and women (see Jersey Shore Miami episodes for complete detes) where men are the ones who can do every friggin thing without being judged, but us women? Noooo, we have to live by the rules, play the game, and always look elegant while doing it. Not anymore miladies!

You may remember a few months back, a post about men wearing backpacks and how tacky it could be. Well guess what? We can wear them as often as we want and still look superfly while doing it! Hahahahaha-nanny-nanny-poo-poo. Quick regression back to 3rd grade…our apologies;)

While shopping Barney’s co-op, we spied these Rachel Comey backpacks that are simply to die for. And what’s great about rockin a backpack in the winter, is the sheer fact that it doesn’t have to be long enough to fit under the arm of your ‘parka’ or be a nuisance like the clutch that could easily be lost in the shuffle.

These straps are adjustable and can fit on the back of any coat of your choice. This is a mere inspiration for all of you…these bags are $325 and not that easy to come by. Check out Urban Outfitters and Free People to scope some lower price point backpacks that still get the job done.

Just remember to explain to your man that he’s still not allowed to tote around that monogramed L.L. Bean yellow backpack from high school.

a story for your love.

So as I had previously mentioned about a week ago, a couple of my really good friends from CT got married this past weekend. Megan and Greg have been together for some 6+ years and after all of that time decided that they really did like each other enough to make it official. ๐Ÿ˜‰
As a friend of Megan’s for more than 8 years now, I was thrilled to hear the news of the two lovies deciding to tie the knot. I have to say, I had a little bit of a personal investment in the success of this relationship… See, she and I actually lived together at the time that they got together. During a small break in the relationship, I offered my girlfriend services to Meg in aiding to mend the situation. Being it a personal event, I won’t get into too many details except that it involved me sneaking into Greg’s room at a party to deposit a hand-written letter. Oh, isn’t this what girlfriends are for?!?
The point being here, is that we all have our stories. And in our opinion, the more and the better the stories, the bigger and stronger the love will be. And from being around this couple enough, I have to say that their love is a good one. May we all find something so great someday.
Congratulations Megan and Greg! Nothing but love, laughter and friendship to you both throughout your lives. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!!

these are some of our own shots from the beautiful day.. we know they’re not professional quality(we’ve never claimed to be photographers), but couldn’t help but share with you anyway!! enjoy!

the glowing bride-to-be

the hair(done by none other than Flaxen Tawny)

les fleurs

the people

dress: pins and needles-urban outfitters, earrings: vintage, necklace: chain-Tawny's grandfather, pendant- Temple St. Clair, hand bag: target, shoes: seychelles-nordstrom

recognize those shoes??

maid of honor dress: anthropologie, shoes: steve madden, flower girls dresses: Kohl's, bridal gown: David's Bridal, Groom's tux: Calvin Klein

bridal gown: David's Bridal, all bride's jewelry: Mallove's, jenn's dress: pins and needles-urban outfitters, earrings: vintage

too old for romparoom? we say never…

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of… And their clothing for that matter. Being a fairly new mom, I have had the recent experiences and privilege of shopping for my little girl. I have to say that I enjoy it 20 more times than shopping for myself. Designers have all the childrens’ best interest in mind, as well as convenience for the parents. Of all of the places I’ve found so far, Baby Gap might be taking home the award for design in fashion, comfort, and longevity. The best piece I’ve purchased is this one piece black floral jumper. The material is a super lightweight cotton, and loose so as to keep the baby comfortable all day long. Being a one piece, it takes the thought and annoyance out of dressing your little girl.
My immediate thought after seeing this back in January was, ‘why don’t the fashion designers take a hint from these guys and make stuff like this for adults?? Cause I’d wear this!!!’ Well, someone was listening because a month later, I saw the ‘grown-up’ version of this in an urban outfitters, of course. And this summer they are the hottest look going. Now, flaxen tawny is a big advocate of following your own style and not diving head first into every trend that comes to pass, but we think this is a look that should stick around for a while. Aside from being super easy and comfy, their playful look is remnant of your childhood summer get-ups (or perhaps your daughter’s). These ‘rompers’ help to lighten our wardrobe load as well as our hearts;)