the art of covering up.

Wooohoo! Summer is here. Time to put away the wool and bring out the linen. When showing off some leg does us all a lil good since we have been hibernating under our tights for 5 months. But wait a minute…a lil leg.

There appears to be a misnomer that women should bare it all to get the attention of male suiters in the summatime. Ok, that’s fine. But there seems to be a contingent of women (and no, not necessarily young) that go balls to the walls and are way too scantily clad, regardless of their body type. I have seen women with bodies to die for whose shorts are just too short to be wearing with a crop top, i.e. above Ashley Greene. I mean, she’s gorgeous, but regardless, short+short=fail. We see women with large breasts, who are putting it all out there in a halter top, with a mini skirt ta boot. Young, pear shaped ladies, sporting body hugging dresses that fall just a wee bit too short.

The point is to stay cool, all while looking savvy. Sure, you can wear your “wife beaters” with a pair of cut off short shorts, but know the appropriate time: at the beach, by the pool, riding your bike, or gardening for the afternoon. I can not speak for everyone, but I don’t wanna see your inner most thigh region at 8:37 am. Where are you going? Work? Hustler Club? We aren’t quite sure, but thought maybe these images could help…

doing shorts and tanks-the RIGHT way

why this works:

we’re getting the laid-back summer-skin-show, without bearing it all.. a light cotton cardigan gives us a delicate curtain to peer through.

why this works:

the shorts are short, but just loose enough, falling at her hips and the cuff gives a cleaner look than a ripped edge.

the tank is perfect on her, loose and yet not frumpy at all. falling at the hip, it creeps up slightly at the belly area to show just enough skin when waving down a cab(or to that cute guy across the street;)

why this works:

as much as we are not fans of EVERYTHING Miley Cyrus does, we do love this look.

she has the beater/black bra down perfectly… by not exposing her chest or midriff, and pairing it with a very loose fitting pair of pale tan linen shorts, she tones down any of the potential ‘stripper’ connotations one might want to make on this look. It says easy-breezy-summer-sexy beautifully.

please note that all of the above are wearing FLAT shoes. never ever be caught in heels and jean shorts above the mid-thigh region, that is unless you do in-fact work at the hustler club.


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