runway bride

I attended a bridal shower this past saturday for one of my close friends. She’s always adorable. So full of life, this skinny minney, tan and brunette greek goddess/warrior princess type is always beaming with a smile from ear to ear, and yet she’s never over done… she always finds the perfect balance between vixen and girl-next-door. I had no doubt she was going to look fabulous. So when she showed up in this gorgeous layered off-white strapless mini-dress, silver and gold glitter peep toe stilettos, and a delicate layered silver chain chest-length necklace, her hair down in soft waves(by yours truly of course), and very natural makeup, I smiled and told her how beautiful she looked.

A little while later while sitting amongst a bevvy of babes at our table, I remarked on her dress saying how great I thought it was. One of the girls leaned over to me and said, “Did you know that she rented it?” I was slightly surprised, I guess it had never occured to me. “No?!”, I said, “Where from?” Another girl said, ““. “That is brilliant,” I thought to myself.

Formal events sort of happen to us in waves. It either seems that the summer slips away from us because we are obligated to something every weekend from may through september. Or we have just one event. In both cases, we want to look good but spending money on a designer dress just doesn’t always make sense. To shell out beaucoup bucks on a one time occasion is silly, and yet who wants to wear the same dress to each of the 8+ weddings that they will be attending over the bridal season?

So whether it be for a prom, wedding, fundraising event, holiday work party, or your very own bridal shower, we suggest you check them out. You might find yourself pleasently surprised with your outfit and your bank account balance.


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