cause my stripes don’t lie ;)

Sometimes when you’re mid-pregnancy, it looks as if maybe you’re retaining water or gained a few extra pounds around the midsection. And that doesn’t feel very good. So what is one expecting mother’s answer to this conundrum? Horizontal stripes, of course.

I’m in Brooklyn for a few days, so I decided to play in Tawny’s closet this morning. I found this off the shoulder, long, striped sweater from Forever 21 that I thought might accentuate my baby bump in a cute way.

But remember, stripes do draw attention to our not so favorite body parts. Know when and where to use them. We wouldn’t want you getting the “how far along are you?” question just cause you ate 37 hot wings and consumed a keg o’ beer.

Let’s keep that under wraps 😉


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