my motive…

Flaxen and Tawny reunited for a few days after not seeing eachother for almost 2 months! I mean, seriously, that is kinda crazy. So what did we do tuesday night after our loooongg days of office work and hair do’s??? Well, makeup of course;)

Two of our good friends recently started selling a newly launched makeup line by the name of Motives, and they wanted to test some stuff out with us, so gladly we agreed.

Our thoughts? Well, we love. Especially the completely customizable foundations. I think that may have been our favorite part. It was like a chem-lab/color-theory experiment resulting in pure prettiness… I mean, how can you go wrong?? (Chemistry and Art were always my two favorite subjects…) Seriously, we started with the pigments, toning with yellows or purples depending on where we were at, then adding a variety of moistuizers/sunscreens/hydrators/dilutors/skin firmers…. whatever fit our fancy. It was pretty awsome. And at the end, I ended up with a pretty glass container of my own customized blend of ‘jenn’. Beauty is.

for the full makeup line and purchasing inquiries check out their website


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