making the band.

When it comes to marriage and weddings, each individual has different ideas about what they want out of it. Whether it be a small ceremony or a large gathering; a buffet or sit down dinner; traditional wedding vows or personally written ones; cocktail attire or casual…you get the gist.

But most people have one thing in common when it comes to marriage being on the mind…the wedding bands. Something you wear everyday to remind you of your partner in crime; your ball and chain; your love bunny deluxe sundae. And we believe David Lee Holland captures this all in his Thistlebrush Bands. They can be worn stacked, singular, on top or bottom of your engagement ring, or on a man or woman and can come in yellow, white, rose, or black gold with or without diamonds or gemstones.

What we love about David’s creations is the inspiration behind it. Each piece made in 18K gold is dedicated to the flora of the planet. So natural, just like the love in our hearts. Effortless and simple beauty.

And even better, David is an amazing person, friend, and soul-mate. Just ask those closest to him 😉

Visit David’s work at We promise that  you too will be inspired not only by your love, but by the love he creates in each piece he makes.

whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Emily Bronte


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