summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes;)

If you have been reading our blog, you may recall that last year we posted a piece re: men’s sandals and what we considered acceptable vehicles for showcasing the male foot.

A year later, we still feel the same, but we also think that we can give you guys a broader spectrum to chose from.

Flips flops to us are one of those disposable items that wither away after the summer season fades. They are cheap (or should be). We beat them up in the sand, in the grass, and for city dwellers, in the subway station when it’s pouring out and your feet are exposed to the dirty sewery grime. Yuck. We like sanuk. Affordable, fashionable, and the ability to do a chuck-ski after the season is through. No hard feelings…

fraid not



roots irie

pull thru

We know our perfect joe would def rock these.

Belly tops, flip flops
Lemonade, in the shade
Blue skies, hot guys,
Late nights water fights,
Ice creams, sweet dreams,
Bathing suits, shooting hoops,
Party time, schools out,
Sleeping in,sneaking out
Summer’s coming…


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