pregger jeggers.

As you must know in the recent wake of our ‘ode to jeggings’ piece, Flaxen and Tawny are lovers of their jeggings. We wear them almost daily and we have every intention of continuing to wear them well into this spring.

As you might not know, but are about to, I recently found out that I am expecting bebe numero 2;) As this is all very well, my super skin-tight jeggings are already beginning to feel like they could possibly be asphyxiating that ever-growing bean inside. Now, be it the case or just those morning sickness bagel fixes that are taking up what very little wiggle room was left, I am in need of some space. And as we’ve already once discussed back in June, let’s face it, the first few months of pregnancy aren’t the complementary ones. We don’t look pregnant, but bloated. Like we’ve been hanging in the local watering hole a bit too frequently. Like we’ve been skipping the gym. Like, well, we’re just kinda getting fat. And this is no good for a girl’s ego: especially one in the very fragile emotional state such as a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women need to feel comfortable AND sexy… Even more so than one who is not. The incredible changes that your body undergoes in this short period of time are enough to make a girl completely lose her mind… not to say that doesn’t still happen periodically along the way;)

During my last pregnancy, jeggings had really just hit the market. I mean, I was still cringing at the though of actually having to refer to them by a name as stupid as this, but it stuck… and I never did come up with a better name myself. I’m not actually sure that there even were maternity jeggings yet. I hated every pair of maternity jeans I found so I ended up resorting to wearing a lot of my old skinny jeans unbuttoned and folded in below my bulging belly with long shirts. Thankfully many affordable clothing lines have since them come out with some pretty cute maternity-cut jeggings.

So, my dilemma? We have come to the end of this jegging season in the ‘fashion world’, and these affordable lines have stopped making them for spring and have put all that is left on clearance, leaving me to choose from what remains, which basically includes only sizes 14-18.

Then, of course, there is the ever-favorite jbrand jean, who’s maternity jegging looks oh so enticing, but I can not(at this point) bring myself to pay 200 dollars for a MATERNITY jean that I will be wearing for only a few months of my existence on this earth. So I have decided to take matters into my own hands… scary, huh?? I recently bought myself a couple of back-up pairs of old-navy’s jeggings on clearance for 10 dollars a pop and figured they were the perfect subjects for my maternity jegging project.

Here is my quick and dirty of inserting a ‘gusset’: A triangular insert, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion, into a pair of jeggings for extended use…

jeggings-old navy, $10 on clearance

with scissors, cut about 2-3 inches along the seam of the hips of the jeans as shown below.

(for a cleaner look, pull apart the seam rather than cutting. This gives more material to work with when adding the gusset. I wasn’t quite patient enough to take the time to do this myself, and am now wishing I had… story of my life;)

either with a sewing machine or by hand, carefully sew in the ‘gusset’. leave extra material to work with, you can always cut it clean once you are sure it fits you well.

you can use either a thick elastic or as I used, a fairly soft elastic-cotton blend, folded over for extra support.

So there it is my friends, FT’s jegging gusset insertion 101. So whether it be a baby belly, or just winter’s comfort foods taking up that extra space in your skinny’s, don’t throw in the towel too soon. FT says put your 8th grade home-ec sewing skills to the test. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised that even with all of the note passing, poetry scribbling, teenage angst, and of course, the total distraction of being partnered with your hugest crush to work on your teddy bear project, you did actually learn a thing or two;)


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