our perfect joe

Lately, we have begun to feel nostalgic for the ‘”average joe” look. He doesn’t just give the illusion of rough and tumble, he is. He isn’t a pretty boy; he’s hot. His shoes are not freshly polished nor brushed. His hair is a hot, messy, probably 2 months overdue for a cut-mane. His clothes look worked and worn in; because they are… and he wears hats. None of his ensemble is either overthought or purchased at extreme prices: he can pull it off without all those frills.

Yes, after all is said and done- fashion, hair and what-not aside, there he is, still standing strong. Unaffected and oh so cute. We’ll always have a soft spot for this average joe. AND… we’re pretty sure that we aren’t alone;). So if you want the look, get it here.

jeans: american eagle

t-shirt: banana republic

thermal: old navy

hoodie: g-star

shoes: aldo

hat: HEAD

necklace: australia


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