the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Tawny’s Trouble

Tawny walks into Urban Outfitters on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Her intentions are to “window shop” or perhaps buy some new duds for her new gig. ‘Everything here is ripe for summer’, she thinks to herself and then proceeds to bring 57 different summertime garbs into the dressing room with her. ‘Ok’ she says to herself, ‘I can justify like four of these crop tops, but the bustier is not a necessity’. Hemming and hawing, she notices the zipper on the bustier is busted and it was the only size small on display. She smiles and she realizes that now she can’t buy it even if she wanted to.

Armed with three shirts chosen for work/play, she proceeds to the counter. She also has in hand the bustier with the broken zipper, since she’s such a Good Samaritan, she’d hate for someone to buy it without realizing its condition.

‘This bustier is broken. I just wanted to alert you guys.’

‘Oh it is? Wow. This shirt came into the store three days ago and has sold so well. I think there is only one small in the back room.’

‘Can you please grab it for me? I would like to purchase it.’

‘Sure thing!’

Long story short, even though there is a chance that the salesperson might be fibbing, if you see something you love and it is within reasonable pricing standards, buy it before you can’t…cause then you will just be mad at yourself when you’re sitting at the summer BBQ in your friends backyard, thinking how much cuter you would look had you purchased it;)


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