ode to jegging.

puff jacket- Michael Kors; Jegging- OldNavy; Boots- Uggs; Bootlet-Fashionmongers; Purse- Gift; Street- Smith (BK)

Sweater- Free People; Jegging- Forever 21; Boots- Mia; Bar- Court and Spark (BK)

o’ our jeggings
we wear you everyday
you tighten up our thighs and buns
and let us get on our way

you’re stretchy for comfort and ease
we tuck our boots in you
but what happens in the spring?
will you still be seeing us through?

of course we can continue to rock you
with a hot 3′ inch pump
making our legs appear long and skinny
the antithesis of a frump

so this 2009/2010 “trend”
is definitely one to keep
buy us at forever 21 and old navy
where we are nice and cheap 😉


Happy Trails Jegging-aroos!


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