dancin’ with yourself.

When this “trend” appeared late last summer/early fall, we were both horror stricken. We neglected mentioning it because we thought it was a phase that would pass not unlike the cracking of a teenage boys voice. For the first time, we were wrong; sadly mistaken indeed.

Living in Brooklyn, there are always fashion crazes that come and go. However, after starting a new gig that requires me taking the ‘G’ train (right smack dab in the middle of ye’ Williamsburg), I can no longer hold my tongue.

First off, these are jazz shoes. Capezios if you will. Meant for dancing, clearly. Jazz hands even. Save them for your first foray into the world of suburban dance class, where you begin sashaying across the floor in wide steps, your legs straight as arrows, your back as flat as the plains. Stop wearing them to work. They are ugly, stupid, and are possibly related to an orthopedic shoe we can only imagine wearing in the o’so near future. In fact, all I had to do was google image ‘hipster shoes’ and the above gem pieces appeared.

Let sleeping shoes lie.


2 thoughts on “dancin’ with yourself.

  1. Interesting Opinion 🙂 Persoanlly I wear my Brogue shoes from day to day and although they may be made for the dancefloor I think they look just as hot when your casually out shopping.. Comfortably Diverse! 🙂

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