brow lovin.

gina daddona-nyc eyebrow and makeup artist

Both Tawny and I understand the importance of the eyebrow; the incredible impact it has on the shape and appearance of the entire face. We are often shocked at how frequently we find ourselves doing someone’s makeup for the first time and come across this… or this… or sometimes even this. The majority of people don’t understand their brows. They either don’t do enough to them, or they do faaarrrr too much. And sometimes they just do nothing at all. This makes us sad. These are the little things we are always telling you will make all of the difference, and yet they go overlooked all too often.

About 7 years ago, while I was working at Gallery Salon in Connecticut, a New York based makeup artist and brow specialist was hired at the salon. Gina Daddona had been working in New York for about 10 years and was somewhat burnt out and needing a break from the big city so she decided to move to the suburbs for a bit. She and I immediately became friends. As we sat together at her makeup station on slow days talking about new york and france and life and love, she would tweeze my brows, all the while instructing me on exactly what to do with what I had(which isn’t very much). She essentially was my brow mentor.

She is from Connecticut originally, but went to school in Cannes for Fashion Design and later found herself in New York assisting and eventually developing her now signature techniques in makeup artistry. She has worked on a plethora of well know new yorkers including Martha Stewart, Piper Perabo, Emmy Rossum, and Olya Thompson.

Piper Perabo

Gina is again in New York, the break lasting not much more than a year(once a new yorker, there’s no turning back;). She is working as the makeup and brow artist at Stephen Knoll Salon on Madison Avenue, and she has continued to perfect her craft in makeup and eyebrow shaping. We are proud to share with you all that most recently she has been getting her much deserved recognition as New York City’s master of brows. She had a recent write-up in allure as well as in new york’s cbs local-top lists as New York’s ‘Brow Maven’.
And as mentioned in both of these write-ups, for a solid 30 minute service, she charges only 50 dollars… a steal if we may say so ourselves.

Emmy Rossum

So if you are in need of some brow lovin’, and in the NYC area, or somewhere just around it… or even just in town for a weekend, go see her. We promise not to disappoint;)

Congrats G… miss you!



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