opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

as we’ve previously discussed, working from home is difficult for most. specifically for women who have a house to run, children to feed, businesses to stay afloat, and husbands to keep happy.

“do i stay in sweaty rags all day, or do i doll myself up, pretending that i am not actually a shut in all week long?”

we think this look is the perfect middle ground. you can be both cute and comfortable all day long in stretch pants and a cozy sweater, and then when the kiddies and hubby get home, you can still look totally chic. why not throw on a pair of specs, irregardless of whether or not you actually need them. we’re told people like the ‘hot for teacher/librarian’ look. now where is that card catalog?

On Tawny:

Sweater- Nicholas K, Jeggings- C & C, Tank Top- Theory, Boots- Fergie Ledger, Nuts and Bolts stereo wire bootlet and Elastic Bracelet- handmade by fashionmongers, Earrings- H & M, Tan handbag- C.C. Skye, Eyeglasses- Prada

On Flaxen:

Cardigan and Tank Top- American Eagle, Jeggings- Old Navy, Necklace- Jade one from ex-boy


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