attention new yorkers: nicholas k sample sale!!!

It’s that time of year…when sample sales flood the lofty, unrented spaces from Soho to Hells Kitchen. Flaxen requested that I attend one Nicholas K sale on Wooster St. in Soho. So very glad I did. I was the only person in the place and was given carte blanche to go through all the boxes full of samples that were untouched. Very cool and funky style; baggy yet tapered; military yet girly. What’s even better is that there is men’s clothing as well that is equally hot.

I managed to pick up two samples…pics to come later on this eve so keep posted. I also asked if they would be replenishing through the sales end on Saturday and they said there was a lot more stock in the back. So no worries if your hectic work schedule has you trapped like a cubicle keeper–you’ll be all good if you can’t show till Saturday;)

Preview their Fall 2010 line here to see if Nicholas K is for you…


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