feel the spirit you’re channeling.

after a greater hartford county thrift store shopping spree with an equally vintage adoring comrade, i was totally inspired by a 1970’s handmade knit dress i found. the details are beautiful; the style boxy. it is so remniscent of the mod look of the same and prior decade. hence, dress up time.

the dress. a black and white knit, with crocheted detail at the bottom.

the hair. being trapped in a house during a sleet storm sans flaxen, i improvised as we all must when our right hand woman is absentee;) my hair was brushed completely straight and set in place with major amounts of gel (channeling jersey shore more than twiggy perhaps). then i used a wide headband placed over the tips of my ears, and coming down right at my browline. i then teased my bangs with a brush for height, then took bobby pins to create a beehive-like illusion.

the accessories. all fashionmongers. lots of bangles, zigzag earrings, and big pendants are all part and parcel of accomplishing this complete look.

the makeup. check out our favorite online guru Michelle Phan on you tube.

now go have some fun in your closet. you may be bored with your wardrobe right now, but if you put a little story behind it, we promise you, it can be entirely reinvented.

can you dig it?



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