wrap it up. we’ll take it ;)

It’s that resort and cruise time of year again. We’re yearning for warmth and summer and unadulterated ease. And although we may not want to cover up much while sitting out in that warm, tropical sun, our hair would appreciate a little protection, we can assure you.

So when we board that jetplane bound for Saint Barthelemy, rock these goddess wraps designed by KreativeMindz’s found on Etsy to keep the wind from blowing your locks into knots, as well as giving them a little extra protection from those warm yet damaging UV rays…




Look confusing? Flaxen can make it so much easier for you;)

These are basically large pieces of fabric that can be folded and manipulated to cover the smallest and largest amounts of hair.

There are many ways to wrap the hair, but these are some of my faves;

with all wraps, begin by tying or clipping the hair up in a loose bun at the crown of the head to make your life a bit easier…

tie in the front:

  • start by flipping your head upside down, and placing the fabric centered at the nape of your neck
  • next, with a good grip on each side of the fabric, flip you head back up and firmly begin wrapping the fabric up toward the forehead-crossing the fabric over itself
  • now bring it back down to the back side
  • continue this until there is just enough fabric left in the front to tie

tie in the back:

  • follow these same steps, but this time starting with the fabric on the forehead and working toward the back

tuck-no tie:

  • instead of starting with the center of the fabric, you will begin with the end of one side, preferably starting from the back of the head
  • keeping the fabric in place with one hand, use the other hand to wrap the fabric around the head(you may need to rotate your head in a circles while wrapping to assist in keeping the wrap from slipping off of the head)
  • when you reach the last 6 inches of fabric, fold and tuck it into the top inside section of the wrap

complete hair coverage:

  • you can achieve this with all of the styles of wraps by simply, on the second time around the head, stretching the fabric from the front over the crown to the back of the head
  • then, continue the wrap once or twice more around to keep the fabric in place

With any of these wraps(excluding the tuck) you can finish the tie with a loose-ended knot, a bow, or a ‘bun'(where you wrap all remaining fabric around itself to create a large knot or ‘bun’, and if leaving your hair exposed, take out the tie or clip if so desired.. the wrap is sure to hold all of your hair up!


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