king of the wild frontier? nah, you’re not davy crockett.

Ah New York. A place where everyone is free to rock whatever styles, trends, and fashion statements they please. Gotta love it. However, from time to time, we can all be judgmental Judy’s and simply say to ourselves “what the f is that dude wearing?”.

So yesterday, I Judy-ed out; a long trek out to Connecticut for an interview accompanied by knife-like stomach pains can do it to you. They can also make you quite ballsy. As I was heading down the mountain-like escalator at my subway station, I saw a twenty-something man heading up wearing this:

There was no time for me to creep out and grab my camera phone, so instead I yelled to him “love your hat, where did you get it?”. He responded “crockett coon skin caps“. I mean, he actually responded.

So of course I checked out the site to find out that this gem piece cost $12.99. If you’re going to wear a cap like this, at least get one in faux fur that looks real! Being a staunch vegetarian, I get the whole PETA thing, but if you want to wear real fur and have the means to do so, I won’t be throwing red paint at you either. After researching some alternatives, I think we may have found some suggestions if you want to pull off the Davy Crocket look for winter ’11.

Shop fur hat world for some excellent choices in faux and real fur.

For the non-vegetarians that still sport leather.

faux rabbit $29.95

For the meat eaters who have enough cash flow for the real thing.

reaf fur red fox $159.95

For the hunting enthusiasts who play in tree stands.

real fur red fox face $189.95

and of course ladies, there is always something for us!

real fox fur trapper hat $149.95

As our mantra goes, ‘if you’re going to take a risk and wear something bold, at least wear it right”.

Next up, Paul Bunyan chic. Sigh….


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