here’s to a beautiful year.

After spending a week with the most recently famous stomach bug that many of us have had the good chance of meeting, I am finally in some sorts to even get onto my computer. In doing so, I realized that between my being adhered to my bed/toilet/couch and Tawny’s being tossed amidst NYC’s treacherous weather conditions this past week all while trying to get her fabulous new years eve shindig in order, we seemingly overlooked wishing you all a happy new year.

So, in honoring the closure of a year that brought us much happiness along with a few handfuls of tears, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite(and least favorite) FT moments from 2010…

stay at home style.

summer's hair.

forever young.

jump for my love

carrying your beauty


mar y sol 2010

sweatpants are no solution.

she's a small wonder.

a little bit of paradise.

fashion deities..

for the love of the surf.

when life hands tawny lemons, she twists them into a martini.

addicted to love.

FT: at your service.

we are our best advocates.

a story for your love.

a bride's metamorphosis

Brides Connecticut

"the innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time."

bed:stu, not bed stuy... well sorta.


your style is not lost.

what is a real size 8?

because it's a day you'll never forget.

really cool(yet disturbing) sh*t.

making dreams come true.

a manic makeup monday

a fairy tale; FT style.

this is what sides of buildings in brooklyn look like.

the art of manscaping...

your life's a piece of clae, don't let anyone else mold it for you.

there's something about mary.

we're all inspired by another.

we're primary numbers, divisible only by ourselves.

without our friends, where would we be??

the love of a dog...

hard work indeed pays off...


winter in quebec.

really cool sh*t.

So here’s to our pasts for they’ve gotten us here today, and here’s to this next year- hoping it brings only the most beautiful life you can imagine.

love always,

flaxen tawny

“on aime pas celui q’on trouve beau, on trouve beau celui q’on aime.”

and remember, it’s all happening.


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