barbie: not just a doll.

Greetings and salutations…back from a long awaited holiday break, we’re here with cheer and inspiration driven solely by the gift that keeps on giving–Xmas y’all!

Is there anything better than watching children opening up all of those presents on Xmas morn? No. However, there are just so many Hasbro and Lego and Mattel and Tonka toys that you can look at before you lose your mind and need to shake up a Manhattan in order ease the pain of a trip-n-fall over a Hot Wheel.

Irregardless, inspiration was born. After watching my niece open up her Video Girl Barbie (information privacy issue pending) and watching what may have been the best Toy Story movie to date, I was in total stimulation mode.

Yes, both her anatomy and measurements are completely exaggerated and misrepresented when compared to an actual female, but between being a hella cute dresser and her browbeating of Ken,we figured she needed some accolades. And apparently, we’re not the only ones who have an affinity for the 5’9, 36-18-33 figured icon.

Canadian designer David Dixon launched in Spring 2010, a Barbie inspired collection for us normally figured adults.

Now our fantasies of strolling around the dream house wearing legwarmers with leotards, tutu’s and bra tops, and evening gowns with tiaras can be totally fulfilled.

That pool will be dripping with bikini clad hotties, and of course your lil’ sis Skipper…ugh.

Oh yeah. And Ken? You’re invited too. But this time, please leave the ascot at home.


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