Music Critics Too? whaaAtTtt?

Listening and loving music is enough to be a critic, ok?

Tawny was asked by one of her buds to attend, for free, the Cyndi Lauper concert at the MGM in Foxwoods this past Saturday. Thanks to Mrs. Williams, she got to attend what was probably the best live concert she’d ever been to (seeing TKA sing ‘Maria’ excluded).

Cyndi is back in full effect, but this time, she’s leaving her she-boppin for pure blues based beauty. Her voice is phenomenal. Her locks straight up hot. And her face, as perfect as porcelain white china from Michael C. Fina.

“Early in the Morning” is our personal favorite and features the very talented BB King…buy the album, then tell us your fave.

One more thing about Cyndi that we love is her True Colors fund that affords shelters and support for LGBT homeless youths.

Some people really are timeless…time after time…


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