who would think that a little bit of leather had such a delightful and delighting power…

We’re sure you all have been asking yourselves for the past few weeks, “what on earth are we going to buy Flaxen and Tawny for Christmas?” hmmmm….forget it, we will just tell you.

Topping our charts for a reasonable priced item that says ‘sexy’ without stating even a word are leather cuffs. These puppies have been kicking around for years, and we even reported on some leather straps for men in an earlier post. But this time, this is for all the ladies (hint: if you want this gift, copy this hyperlink and send it to your man over gchat then close out immediately like it never happened…he will think he thought of this perfect nugget all on his own).

Etsy has some ridicuously awesome recommendations from their Holiday Gift Guide, and we totally have our eyes on this:

metropolis leather cuff $60.00 at Etsy

Would your lady friend rather stay close to the holidays in a “Santa’s Little Helper” motif? Bam! Shop Fahmina for various leather products for your hottie.

leather slit cuff $92.00 (also comes in various black, gold, and silver metallic leathers)

Perhaps your shopping is complete? Well, we’re big believers that there’s always room for more stuffing in those stockings. Once again, we tip off our hats to Etsy. This look works for just about any gal and the price is so, so, nice.

rainbow leather cuff bracelet $5.00 at Etsy

Leather can weather any storm, and we hope the same goes for your relationships…and thats why you always listen to F and T; to assure that Mommy’s kissing you under the mistletoe, and not Santa Claus;)


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