love us tender

We love to be cuddled with during these dog days of winter. In particular, we’d love to have a snuggle fest while you’re wearing this (right after you’ve cut the firewood and stoked the fire of course):

Orvis Marlboro Shearling Coat $2,500

mmmm hmm. Don’t we all just fancy this ‘Marlboro Man’ look (red ciggies excluded)? Of course, but who can really break the bank right now with this sheep/lamb garment?

Not us! So try these on for size:

Johnston & Murphy Faux Shearling Coat $298.00

Men's Wearhouse Pronto Uomo Shearling Jacket $229.99

SIDE BAR: This coat is slammin’ but this was the only pic we could find for you…so check out Johnston & Murphy for the real deal;)

Every mile is two in winter…might you hold our hands down a blistering, snow-ridden path, keeping us both warm, while sporting one of these?

‘There’s hot cider and spiked egg nog inside’.

Oh how we love thee…


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