think big thoughts, while relishing in life’s little pleasures

Spending the amount of time that we do researching and writing our daily tidbits for you, other than your hits and visits, it is always super exciting when our efforts yield investments!

A few months back, we wrote a blog about our favorite well-priced, super-sassy, and kick ass watches by Nixon. After the post, we were asked by one of our male readers for a little more information about the specifics of the watch and our personal favorite (which of course we already had in mind). We responded by email with this awesomely handsome time piece by Nixon.

51-PU in Gunmetal/Black $375.00

Though our reader asked about the watch in July, he had to consider the large purchase as we all do in these tough economic times, and whether or not he felt it was a necessity for him. But just yesterday, we received the following email:

Ladies, I just got the watch. It is huge, fits perfectly, and I love it. It’s so much better than the G-Shock I was considering…thank you! -Jason M.

And attached was this pic:

Congratulations on your stellar purchase…we know you will rock it well!

Awwww…it’s the little things in life that keeps our choo choo engines chuggin up that great big hill, and not just thinking we can, but knowing we can…


we couldn’t do it without all of you,


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