we’re jammin, with or without you Mr.Marley;)

In these random, in between weather pattern times, it’s often difficult to discern what winter accessories should be utilized. For us, it begins and ends at the slouchy, crochet beanie. By using both wool and a crochet stitch, the hat keeps in the heat but also lets some out as well, giving you the ability to wear it now through April.

They are so colorful and funky, you cannot help but feel a tad Rastafarian while wearing, driving out the negative and bringing peace and serenity into play. It also looks really cute;)

These are just some of our faves. Visit etsy.com for over 500 styles of affordable, handmade crochet beanies.

No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied. But if you don this not only could you be loved…you will be loved♥


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