color of the day- red ochre

Flaxen and Tawny are back together and back to basics. Our tans have faded, our luminous glows grown a blunder, and our hair colors have deepened into a darker shade of both flaxen and tawny. So, what next?

Lips, of course. You can’t take away all of those beautiful things and leave us hans solo!

Today we are totally inspired by the shade of red ochre. Not only because we love the deep, dark, sexxy undertones of the color itself, but also are totally feeling its meaning: independent, alluring, feisty. Wouldn’t we♥to be all three?

Lancome’s Color Design lipstick in Sugared Maple is a sure thing if you want “kiss me, love me” lips that will allure in any suitor/suitress. Feisty? Well, this spirited and spunky color can only add more zest to our naturally, energetically brilliant female readers. As for independent? In any color palette, every shade is unique to each wearer, be it eye color or lip color, allowing each women to stand freewheeling and utterly autonomous from one another.

Looks like we satisfied all three requirements to fit into today’s very special color. If there were a standardized scantron test involved, might answer (d) be all of the above?



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