simplicity is the most ultimate sophistication

With all of this crazy back and forth change in temperature, there has been a resurgence of a fashion statement we are not all that fond of…one that we thought (or moreso hoped) would have by now ceased.

Alright now. This wanna be sexy man scarf doesn’t suceed and falls wayyyy short of David Beckham’s statement (cause no one bends it like Beckham…). Yes, it is getting chilly and yes, women do indeed wear scarves for not only function, but fashion as well, but this look is just so in your face ‘I am trying to be an avant garde artist’ that you just are doing yourself a major disservice. The components of this sort of scarf are more of a rayon/cotton blend that does not have the ability to keep your body heat in regardless.

If you want to stay dapper and warm at the same time, we suggest you wear a scarf in the good ol’ way Mama taught you before a short toboggan run down the hill.

We swear you will stay snug as a bug in a rug, and who knows, you may even garner an invitation to come in from the cold for some white peppermint hot chocolate…marshmellows included;)


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