we’re primary numbers, divisible only by ourselves.

We think it is fair to say that here at our blog and continued in our services, our real mission statement goes something like this:

‘…to know yourself, is to love yourself… ‘

May be easier said than done, yes. However, if you examine yourself day by day with this philosophy tucked away in the back pocket of your subconscious, you can make leaps and bounds, while always staying true to yourself.

Perhaps an example would make this doctrine a tad more coherent.

Tawny is a lover of all things knit. Jackets, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, gloves, blankets, purses…you get the idea. While working in high fashion, she was openly poked fun at by co-workers in regards to her style:

(Picture 5 skinny women surrounding the water cooler with diet cokes in hand)

“What a great sweater. We all know how you love your knits, don’t we? Ha Ha Ha!”


Rubbish Knit Sweater in Hadleigh Black $48.00 at Nordstrom

Tawny laughs in spite of herself, goes back to her cubicle and feels a little sad and defeated. Her style has never been one of clean silhouettes, monochromatic color schemes, stiletto pumps, flat ironed hair, or anything like anyone else was ever wearing, really. She beats to the sound of her own Tawny drum.

But, upon being jeered at, she questions herself: ‘Maybe I do wear too many of the same sort of clothes. Are my knit cardigans shunning people away from me? Do I look like a pauper from Staten Island in these things? Am I trying to cover up something? Or am I just a lil’ homebody that likes to stay cozy and comfy all the time?’

DING!DING!DING! We have a winner!

Point is, be and wear what is true to you. No, we’re not suggesting that you break out your old Skidz and Z.Cavaricci’s or those big platform hooker boots you wore in 1994 or those tapered jeans that make your toosh look big and ankles look like, well cankles. But when you have your own personal style that you are indeed comfortable with, don’t question it if it’s not questioning you!

So now, when Tawny shops with Flax, her sis, and in her fondest memories, her buddy Mary, she walks over to a four stand, grabs that striped cardigan in a cotton knit blend and declares, “Ooooo LOVE!” and her giggling co-horts retort, “Of course you do Tawny. We all know how you love your knits!”

Take this to the bank, he who laughs last laughs best. Making light of ourselves is sometimes just the best medicine.


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