when i reminisce over you, my love.

We’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about all the people, places, music, and things that we once possessed or loved or cared for or yearned for.

But today, there are just two tangible items that both of us had, that provided us some serious nostalgia. And out of nowhere, really, as you know we tend to be quite the random duo. Psych!

First up? Banana Clips.

Those things never held your hair quite right, and you would be in the middle of Social Studies with that baby loosening up between the explanation of each Crusade War. How could you be focusing on which general did what while that little cutie Ralph A. was thinking/seeing what a hot mess you were?

Here’s how to make it work:

Next up? T-Shirt Clips.

Mom’s always had to double check the tightness of the clip, or it could like totally be lost. If loose shirts, flourescent nail polish, and legwarmers can come back, like why can’t these?

They can, especially when they look like this

or this.

So take a chill pill and look totally gnarly. You are indeed all that and a bag of chips;)


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