making 1 1/2 men, only 1…

At some point in our lives, most women feel the need to wear body stocking garments, like Spanx or control top pantyhose, to make our bodies appear slimmer and enable our clothes to fit us more comfortably. Yes, women. Well, will wonders never cease? There is indeed a male counterpart to our compression garments!

Equmen, developed for men in 2007, acts similar to Spanx in that it enables the look of lean. However, the undergarments are also believed to aid in improving posture, providing support in the core area for sports/workouts, and to help reduce back pain. Here’s how:

‘Developed in conjunction with physiotherapists, ergonomic consultants and athletic garment engineers, equmen helix-mapping is a unique body-mapping system that builds physio taping techniques into every garment to reinforce and support the body’s natural structure from the core. Crisscrossing the upper and lower back, compression on the shirt gently pulls the shoulders back to support an upright posture.The helix-mapping system is built in using seamless manufacturing technology. This allows for a more comfortable, better fitting garment that will adjust to your unique body shape without rubbing or chafing’.

Hmm…sounds pretty good to us. And the cost is in line with that of Spanx and retails anywhere between $48 and $109. Spanx are worth it, but is Equmen? Check it out and if you do, please report back to FT if the garments tighten up your muffin top and elevates your golf skills to that of Tiger Woods….eh, scratch that last part;)


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