it’s ok for a woman to ‘do it’

There’s always that “double standard” between men and women (see Jersey Shore Miami episodes for complete detes) where men are the ones who can do every friggin thing without being judged, but us women? Noooo, we have to live by the rules, play the game, and always look elegant while doing it. Not anymore miladies!

You may remember a few months back, a post about men wearing backpacks and how tacky it could be. Well guess what? We can wear them as often as we want and still look superfly while doing it! Hahahahaha-nanny-nanny-poo-poo. Quick regression back to 3rd grade…our apologies;)

While shopping Barney’s co-op, we spied these Rachel Comey backpacks that are simply to die for. And what’s great about rockin a backpack in the winter, is the sheer fact that it doesn’t have to be long enough to fit under the arm of your ‘parka’ or be a nuisance like the clutch that could easily be lost in the shuffle.

These straps are adjustable and can fit on the back of any coat of your choice. This is a mere inspiration for all of you…these bags are $325 and not that easy to come by. Check out Urban Outfitters and Free People to scope some lower price point backpacks that still get the job done.

Just remember to explain to your man that he’s still not allowed to tote around that monogramed L.L. Bean yellow backpack from high school.


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