your life’s a piece of clae, don’t let anyone else mold it for you…

It’s gettin’ chilly and we realize the need for jackets and scarves are-a coming. We all want to become little hermit crabs, ordering chinese late night and passing out with soy sauce packets on our bellies, but this is not an option (okay it is sometimes an option so we can make this an exception; just not the rule).

To avoid pitfalls like this, and weigh the proverbial scales of life, we believe an answer to this conundrum is a little retail therapy. And while we know that most men detest even the mention of shopping, we’re makin’ it real easy for you…you don’t even have the leave the house.

Badabing–Clae’s shoes! Their mission statement:

‘Drawing from timeless design, Clae delivers a collection of evolving classics for the modern man. Rooted in lifestyle, driven by leisure, Clae’s styles are at once wholly new and instantly classic.’

Awww…sounds just like all of our Flaxen Tawny male readers…so cute;)

And while we love their entire collection, we in particular want our boys to gear up in these:


Strayhorn in Walnut Suede $120



Russell in Charcoal Wool $130



McQueen in Boulder Hemp $95



Romare Hi in Flint Nubuck $125



Khan in Caramel $135


Instead of getting a momentary high on Roast Pork Egg Foo Young (yuck) make a fortune your reality and get high on Clae.


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