kisses; the autograph of love

Tis the season for lips.. lips and more lips. Our tans have faded a bit, our hair perhaps gone a shade darker(or lighter), the skies have been gray and uninviting, and we are in desperate need of a little color in our lives. The answer: lispstick, right?? ehhh… The problem is this is also the season for keeping warm avec des bisous… and there isn’t anything worse to most men out there than kissing a super hot girl with a super red lip. Unless his secret fetish is coming straight outta the Crying Game, your hot lip color is nothing more than a major turn-off.

Solution? Lipstain. Our new fave? revlon’s just bitten.

The stain is super easy to apply, and the balm is awesomely moisturizing. We’ve even tried applying one of our own clear glosses instead of the balm for a shiny effect, and it does do the same trick. The color palette carries just about every shade your little heart could desire, and the color really does last a good couple of hours,through kisses, candy apples, glasses of wine, and perhaps a few more intimate activites;)

Flaxen’s favorite shade right now is flame. She’s loving it even with her freshly colored auburn locks. But her favorite part about it? She can give all of the kisses all she wants without painting her man or her baby girl in red.



One thought on “kisses; the autograph of love

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