the art of manscaping…eyebrows (get your heads outta the gutter)

Look, eyebrows are there to be groomed. We get it. The straggler uni’s in the center, the cookie monster crawlers that line the top, the wings of love that extend way past where they should on the ends, and the underbrush that grows beneath.

HOWEVER, one must take note not to overgroom, wax, pluck, thread, whatever your styling preference may be. This post is solely applicable to men and/or their secretly disgusted spouses(ladies, your men might need a little encouragement from you on this).

Perhaps a scenario, where your brows allow someone to judge your book by its cover, may help. You see, sometimes it is nice to go out on a date, whether it be really weird, uncomfortable or not. A drink or two, dinner, a glass of water in some sketchy Preppie Killer’s apartment; whatever floats your boat. While there are benefits of this like getting wined and dined, killed, what have you, there are also detrimental components. For example, imagine a meet-up where you think you will be finding the man of your dreams (ha) and when you get to the meeting place, you see a man that somewhat resembles his pics, but with one fatal flaw. That’s right. Mini brows. Arched ones nonetheless. You sigh, loudly, to yourself, realize that you will now have to have three drinks in order to detract from looking at his eyes, and eat light apps like french fries and spinach in the hopes of expediting this little soiree (‘pasadena on the dinner thank you very much’). Two hours later, he’s an afterthought, but his brows are with your for life.

Hence, our tips to eyebrow management and maintenance in order to prevent the above incident from happening to you:

1) Do pluck the hairs in the center always. It looks clean and is much more attractive than uni’s as depicted below. But don’t go over board here, you are men.. hair is part of your hotness. Imagine drawing a line up from the inner corners of your eyes, and use this as your guide. Do not cross the line, gentlemen, this is the rare case in life where more truly is more.

2) When waxing, please ensure that a) you don’t do it yourself and b) the technician does not wax all of the hairs around the entire brow where it looks almost painted on and way too perfect.

Way too 'perfect'

Just Right 😉

3) Avoid the arch at all costs please! Women should barely have an arch noticeable to the naked eye, so yours should not be resembling the golden ones of McDonald’s either.

Pretty Bad Arch

Even Worse

Incomprehensible, plain and simple

4) Finally, if your eyebrows have a mind of their own (which most do) you must brush the hairs straight up with your fingers, and trim along the line where the brows hang over the actual brow line. You’re no mad scientist like Doc Brown, so stop trippin’;)

no no no

yes yes yes

In closing, it is totally possible that as a man, you may have no brow grooming needs at all. Then dismiss this. Or, utilize this knowledge to give your ladies a little advice as they are most likely not perfect specimens of eyebrow grooming 101 either.


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