back by popular demand…color of the day

Color. Imagine a world without it. Be grateful that things aren’t always just black or white, and embrace the colors around you! Incorporate them into your everyday be it through your wardrobe, makeup, or hair color and see how you can be inspired by the gift of color.

We have had numerous people express to us their interest in our past ‘color of the day’ posts, and have decided that it was a good time to bring it back.

Our Pantone color choice for today is dusk.

This image of the Rainbow Bridge taken by Jukka Vuokko fully embodies the color dusk which is defined as powerful.

For the ladies, we love this Chanel les 4 ombres quadra eye shadow palette in Enigma as you can wear during the day as light and fresh or at night, dynamically dominant.

For a dude to rock this color, he needs to be secure in his manhood. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little purple (not nurple) to bring out some attitude; but just a lil’ touch like some Clae Ellington’s with dusk laces.

Turn around this gray day and make it a purple rain;)


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