figuratively breaking hammurabi’s code

It’s no big secret that neither Flaxen nor Tawny appreciate the world of corporate America. Presidential type blue and red ties, a ban on polo shirts except for Fridays, closed toe shoes in summer and pantyhose (yuck), no midrifts showing…it is simply not fair. We should be able to stand by our convictions and fashion sense all in the same vein without being pre-judged by the style nazis in Human Resources (Tawny’s sister not included).

But we also understand that not everyone is like us. Some people thrive in companies where dress codes are more strictly enforced, and where billable hours are counted like the toes on your feet every nano second of the day. Do you think we can compromise?

We think that in these economic times, we can. Let us stop sweating the small stuff and be ourselves whenever we can be. In an effort to create a business look that is both formal yet non-stifling of our stylish-ness, we are crushing hard core on these ties from Nobis.

Lendall Tie $55.00

Jonas Tie $55.00

Even just a splash of color can completely change the way a man looks and feels for the day. What we ♥even more than the ties themselves is the company’s mission statement:

“Whether it’s hanging with friends, hugging a tree or enjoying a steak with beer, our continuing passion for perfection, while mired in a world of imperfection, is what makes us unique…Now, embrace the nobis culture.”

We’re not suggesting that you walk into a courtroom, appear at a medical conference, mediate a boardroom decision, or conduct a deposition in these babies. But on a day where you are in the office without client meetings, why not spice up your life a bit? There is nothing wrong with showing off a little style while diversifying our portfolios and making our large cap growth funds increase, even if by a .00000001%. We wish, at least;)


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