sometimes it’s ok to be a little jaded;)

We’ve all had a boy friend or girlfriend from our pasts that we may have never been able to let go of… memories that haunt us, tears that sometimes still burn ever so slightly at the back of our eyes. Yes, those ghosts that are seemingly impossible to rid ourselves of no matter how many years pass us by.

Well, thankfully, this post is not about those people(they’ve taken enough of our thought and energy). Instead, this post is about the one who was actually just a fleeting ship in the night, the one who’s name sometimes takes more than thirty seconds to recall, the one who used to show up at your job at the restaurant on friday nights with a dozen roses and a necklace that he probably stole from the asian market down the street from his tiny third floor apartment in Hartford(and clearly, this embarrassed you). Yes, this post is about the one who for all tense and purpose could have easily never been there at all, but you’re glad they were because in your ten years maturity, that little gift you’d then find in the bottom of your jewelry box will gain a whole new appreciation and place in your wardrobe.

If you come from, have lived in, or have studied the asian culture, then you have most definitely seen one of these. Jade has a very strong religious and political significance among the Asian community, some of the believed significances being that it(along with the red string that it is so often attached to) can ward off evil, keep our bodies and minds strong and healthy, bring us wealth, and attract love. Who wouldn’t want all of this?? And, personally, we find them to be kind of cool looking.

So FT will leave you with this little bit of worldly advice today:

  1. Never throw out jewelry that mildly stalker-esque ex-es give you.
  2. Good things can come from some of the least expected places.
  3. Always keep an eye, ear, and heart open… and a piece of jade around your neck;)



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